SPSS Masterclass: Learn SPSS From Scratch to Advanced

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Data is the new frontier of 21st century. According to a Harvard Business Report (2012) data science is going to be the hottest job of 21st century and data analysts have a very bright career ahead. This course aims to equip learners with ability of independently carrying out in-depth data analysis with professional confidence and accuracy. It will specifically help those looking to derive business insights, understand consumer behaviour, develop objective plans for new ventures, brand study, or write a scholarly articles in high impact journals and develop high quality thesis/project work.

A good knowledge of quantitative data analysis is a sine qua none for progress in academic and corporate world. Keeping this in mind this course has been designed in such way that students, researchers, teachers and corporate professionals who want to equip themselves with sound skills of data analysis and wish to progress with this skill can learn it in in-depth and interesting manner using IBM SPSS Statistics.

Lesson Outcomes

On completion of this course you will develop an ability to independently analyze and treat data, plan and carry out new research work based on your research interest. The course encompasses most of the major type of research techniques employed in academic and professional research in most comprehensive, in-depth and stepwise manner.


The focus of current training program will be to help participants learn statistical skills through exploring SPSS and its different options. The focus will be to develop practical skills of analyzing data, developing an independent capacity to accurately decide what statistical tests will be appropriate with a particular kind of research objective. The program will also cover how to write the obtained output from SPSS in APA format.


A love for data analysis and statistics, research aptitude and motivation to do great research work.

Introduction: Know Your Instrutor
This lecture tells you about instructor expertise and his SPSS bio and how he can make a significant difference to your research life. 
Downloading and Installing SPSS
In this section students will get all the logistics ready from download to install in systematic manner.
Downloading and Installing IBM SPSS Statistics 24 on Windows
This video lecture guides students in a step wise manner about downloading IBM SPSS Statistics 24 and installing it on a Windows laptop/computer. 
Downloading SPSS Grad Pack: Student Version
Dataset & Resources
Practice dataset, PPT and Resources
Conceptual Foundation of Statistics
Statistics: Definition and Types
Parametric vs Non-Parametric Statistics: Assumptions
Statistics Basics
This quiz tests the understanding of basic statistics
Data Entry: Learning to Enter Data in SPSS
  • The course is built from scratch so no prior knowledge of SPSS or Statistics is required. We cover all the required details in the course both theory and practical part.
  • The learners must have a copy of SPSS software to practise the steps taught in this course.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Analyse any type of numerical data using SPSS with confidence
  • Independently plan your research study from scratch.
  • Understand the research design and results presented in high quality journal articles
  • Do data analysis accurately and present the results in standard format.
Dr. Yogita Aggarwal
Dr. Yogita Aggarwal
Assistant Professor & Quantitative Analyst

I am Yogita Aggarwal with teaching and research experience of over 10 years. Teaching and sharing my knowledge with others have been my passion. I am excited to convey my ideas and expertise to learners around the world through Udemy.I hope you will greatly benefit with content of courses that I have designed and be successful in your goals. 

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Scholarsight Learning
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