Sports Nutrition Crash Course: Get Started with the Basics

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Sports Nutrition Crash Course: Get Started with the Basics
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Sports Nutrition Crash Course: Get Started with the Basics
Чему вы научились?
Describe macronutrients, their functions and recommendations.
Identify classes of micronutrients.
Understand basic supplements and recommendations.
Understand nutritional recommendations for optimizing health.
О курсе

This course touches on some of the most common topics when it comes to sports nutrition.  No experience is needed as I start off explaining about macronutrients - fats, carbs and protein.

Created for beginners, here is a glimpse of what we'll be covering in this course:

  • Explanation of macronutrients
  • Explanation of micronutrients
  • Benefits and types of supplementation

Knowing about nutrition is great knowledge to have if you are looking to optimize your exercise potential, experience body changing results or just be a healthier you. I've helped many people improve their lifestyles with the knowledge that I teach you in this course. Become more aware of your nutrition and enroll today!

The Concept of Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition is applying the concepts of nutrition to improve training, performance, and recovery.  This course is going to provide fitness professionals with knowledge of proper nutrition and how it influences body composition, sports performance and general overall health.
Carbohydrates: Fuel for Exercise
A macronutrient is just what it sounds like.  It’s a nutrient that is necessary for the body in significant amounts.  Carbohydrates is one of three macronutrients.  Carbohydrates are the primary and most efficient source of energy for exercise and bodily functions. 
Protein: Grow and Repair
The job of protein is to build, maintain and repair muscle and body tissues.  It also plays a role in the creation of enzymes, antibodies and hormones as well as provide the body with energy if one is in a carbohydrate deficit.
Fats: Function and Structure
Fat provides insulation, cushioning, and helps in producing energy so that vitamins can be carried to the cells.  Normal growth and development would not occur without a minimal amount of fat.
An Introduction
Just like macronutrients, micronutrients are also essential for normal body functioning helping to produce enzymes and hormones.  Without them, a person would not be able to grow and develop properly.
Vitamins are organic substances and play an essential role in the human body.  They assist with specific metabolic functioning, tissue repair and healing as well as act as regulators for certain body processes.
Minerals is another nutrient that must be supplied by a person’s diet.  There are some minerals that are produced by the body, but more than 20 minerals need to be consumed on a daily basis. 
Water is vital to human life.  Our bodies are 45-70% water. Without water, we would perish within 4-10 days. Other nutrients are not like water.  We can go for days, weeks, even months without seeing the ill effects from its deficient.  But our lives depend on water.
  • No prerequisite knowledge or experience is necessary.
  • No specific software, additional materials, and/or appropriate mindsets is required.
Jen Puzio, Certified Personal Trainer
Jen Puzio, Certified Personal Trainer
Golf Fitness Specialist
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