Songwriting - How to Write a Better Song

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Write their own songs
Produce their own songs
Be confident in their songwriting ability
Confidently create authentic and honest songs
Have a toolbox of ideas for when their creatively blocked
Take their songwriting and music career to the next level
Have an improved, more refined songwriting process
О курсе

A comprehensive guide to writing better songs

This is a course for songwriters of all levels. I will take you through the process of coming up with ideas and starting a song, all the way to creating a final product and getting it out there. We will begin with a few introductory videos and then get straight into learning my process for writing songs.

I will share with you all a number of ideas and insights I have had into songwriting. Having written countless songs over about 12 years of playing, I have some ideas I would love to share with you guys.

This is a comprehensive guide to writing better* songs and if you are a songwriter at any level, I believe it will be worthwhile, even if you just take away a few new ideas to add to your songwriting toolbox.

*better: songs that are authentic, honest and true to you!

Students will feel confident in the reasons behind writing songs and confident to get creating.
Course Overview

Learning Outcomes

  • What this course is about
  • Structure of the course
  • How I approach teaching songwriting
Why Write a Song?

Learning Outcomes

  • What is the purpose of art?
  • What motivates anyone to write a song?
  • What is the purpose of songwriting?
  • Why do we bother to write songs?

Do I Have Something to Offer?

A look at what you have to offer as a songwriter. Do you have something unique, original and exciting to share?

Learning Outcomes

  • You are a creative person!
  • You have something unique, and interesting to offer.
  • Don't ever feel you are not good enough, smart enough or cool enough to write music.
Writing Your Song
After this section students will feel confident going away and writing songs on their own, or will at the least have lots of new ideas for approaching their songwriting.
Setting Up Your Songwriting Space

Setting up your Songwriting space is essential to creating an environment that is inspiring for writing songs.

Six Points for Setting up Your Songwriting Space.

  1. Clean up your space!
  2. Create an inspiring space.
  3. Make it comfortable.
  4. Always have a computer or notepad available.
  5. Get a recording device for capturing ideas (both lyrical ideas and musical)
  6. Get rid of distractions (phones, loud noises)
Rules of Songwriting

Rules of Songwriting

  • Don't get too caught up in rules, if it works and sounds good to you, chances are it is good.
  • Song structure is important, but even song structure can really be whatever you like.
  • The number one rule is to be authentic and honest.
  • Don't try to make a perfect song or imitate someone else's song.
Song Structure

This lecture looks at song structure. Andrew talks through some of the common song structures, and iterates that you can ignore all the rules of structure if it feels right to you.

Song Structure Examples (My Music)
So this is one of my own songs called Forgive Myself. As we spoke about in the last lecture, following structure can be great and really help a song, but sometimes you need to throw out the rule book. Here I had four long verses and only used three chords in the whole song. By all accounts it isn't structured well, but I think it works as a song. It is a very lyrical song and so I am not so concerned about making it fit some perfect (pop) formula.
What to Write Your Song About

Andrew looks at what to write your song about.

  1. How to find inspiration.
  2. How to find a topic.
  3. How to not be too specific.
Where to Start (Coming up with a Song Idea)

This lecture investigates where ideas come from and how to come up with a song idea.

Writing Lyrics

Writing lyrics is often argued to be the hardest part of songwriting. It can sometimes be painstaking for even write one line. Hopefully this lecture will give you some ideas to help make the process a little easier.

  • You should be excited to start writing songs
  • You should be beginning to get comfortable on an instrument. That can include your voice.
Andrew Hearle
Andrew Hearle
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