Songwriting for Complete Beginners

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Songwriting for Complete Beginners
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Songwriting for Complete Beginners
Чему вы научились?
Learn and understand the Fundamentals and Ingredients of Music
Learn what Tools you need to get Started with Songwriting
Start Making your own Songs with all essential elements: Rhythm, Harmony and Melody
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Is this Course for You?
Have you ever thought about learning how to make your own music, but don't really know how to start. Then this course is perfect for you.

What will You Learn?
In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of music, so that you can get started with making music yourself. Learn all the ingredients of music, the tools you need to get started, and get actionable tips on how to practice what you learn, and then create your own music.

Anyone can Make Music
Music is not rocket science. It is art, and it comes from your heart and soul. I truly believe Everyone can make music. Why? Because Music is really just a mix of Rhythm, Melody and Harmony. It really is that easy, so you can do it to! =)
Start Making your own Music Today
Are you ready to learn how you can make your own music, without having any prior knowledge? Just click the enroll button, and I am waiting for you in the next video. Soon you will be able to Make your own Music and Songs.
Friendly regards,
Mikael "Mike" Baggström
Music Composer | Sound Designer

Starting out with Songwriting
What you need to Learn first about Music and Songwriting
Welcome and Introduction
In this class, you will learn the fundamentals of music, so that you can get started with making music yourself. Learn all the ingredients of music, the tools you need to get started, and get actionable tips on how to  practice what you learn, and then create your own music.
What is Music?
What is music? A question that has as many answers that there are people in the world. Let's check out these real answers I have got from asking that question to several people: Music is the language of the soul. Music is painted time. Music is language's sister. Think about this for a moment. What is music to you?
My Top Tips for Making Music
In this video I'm going to share my top tips for Making Music faster, easier and more fun. I really encourage you to take these tips to heart if you are going to be serious with your music making.
Simple Songwriting Setup
Now, what tools do you need to start with songwriting and to make your own music? Well, to be honest, you can start with a really basic setup, and in this video you will learn a super simple setup for songwriting.
Example Song in Garageband
Let me show you a song that I have already created using the garage band app on my iPad. I will guide you through all the parts of the track step-by-step. This song is only eight Bars long, but it includes all The main elements of music which are: rhythm, harmony and Melody. If I wanted to I could add sections to extend this track and make a complete song.
Music Making Apps for your Smartphone or Tablet
There are so many choices for music making apps today, both for your mobile devices and your computer. But I want to get you started right away with making music after you have taken this class. The easiest thing to start with are music making apps for your Smartphone or Tablet.
Music Making Software for Your Computer
If you are new to making music, I suggest that you first start out with a mobile music making app like for example the Garageband App. But if you want to dive a bit deeper and get more control, there are a lot of choices for software to make music with on your computer. In the professional music making world, the software you use for making music with on your computer is called "DAW". This is just a term for this kind of software. It stands for: "Digital Audio Workstation", and while that might sound like a technical and scary thing, it is simply a program to record and produce music with.
How to Make Music and Learn Songwriting
Learn the Fundamentals of Music and Songwriting
Rhythm - Measures (Bars) and Time Signatures
So what is rhythm? I would define rhythm as: "A mix of sounds and silence in a deliberately structured way and tempo". It is very important for you to master rhythm first, since it is the very core of music. Rhythm is not only important for drums and percussion. Rhythm is present in melodies, chords and harmonies. In this video you will learn about Measures (Bars) and Time Signatures.
Rhythm - Note Values
So now you know what a bar, or measure, of music is. It's the segments music is divided into. You also know about time signatures, which are used to indicate how you count every bar in your song. Next, you need to learn all the rhythmic note values.
To create a rhythm, you also need to set a tempo. You can think about the tempo as the pulse of your music. Almost like the pulse of your heart rate. When you are calm and relaxed you have a lower pulse. And when you exercise or dance, you have a higher pulse. It is the same with rhythm in music.
  • You should have a Genuine Interest to Learn how to Make your own Music
  • You should have a Computer or Tablet to use for Songwriting
Mikael Baggström
Mikael Baggström
Music Composer | Sound Designer
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