Курс Snare Drum Mastery 101 Mini Course

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О курсе
  • Lecture 1 - In the first lecture we explore the notes used in all of music but specifically how they relate to the snare drums.  This lecture is designed to give the student an overview of the notes and how they are subdivided in time.  
  • Lecture 2 - In Lecture 2, we introduce a basic drum chart and explain how it works.  The student is  given demonstrations on how the whole, half and quarter notes work within a drum chart and with each other. 
  • Lecture 3 -  Lecture 3 is a live demonstration to show the drummer how the drum charts covered in Lecture 2 sound when played in real time with a metronome. 
  • Lecture 4 -  Lecture 4 is a quick overview of what will be covered in the next 6 lectures. 
  • Lecture 5 -  In Lecture 5, we introduce the eighth note and cover some basic exercises on the drum charts.  
  • Lecture 6 -  Lecture 6 builds upon the knowledge gained in Lecture 5 and challenges the student by adding together combinations on quarter and eighth notes on a drum chart.  
  • Lecture 7 -  The goal of Lecture 7 is to introduce the metronome.  It includes demonstrations of both a digital and analog metronome and gives tips on how to used the tool as well as suggestions for practice.  
  • Lecture 8 -  In Lecture 8, we explore the single stroke roll, the most commonly used roll in drumming.  Tips for practice and application are given to the student.  
  • Lecture 9 -  Lecture is a live demonstration to show the drummer how the drum charts covered in Lectures 5 & 6 sound when played in real time with a metronome. 
  • Lecture 10 -  The final Lecture is a continuation of the drum charts covered in Lectures 5 & 6.
  • Программа
    Lesson 1: The Notes of Music
    Introduce the standard notes used for drum music. Knowing how to read music will change your life!
    Lesson 1: Reading Exercises Explained
    Begin breaking down basic notes in a drum chart.  Explain the values step by step.  Explain whole, half and quarter notes. 
    Lesson1:Reading Exercise Demo
    Watch a live demonstration of me playing through the charts we just learned in Lesson 1. 
    Lesson 2 Overview
    Introduction to Lesson 2 where the main focus will be the 8th note.  
    Lesson 2: Intro to 8th notes
    Begin working with 8th notes on drum charts.  
    Lesson 2: More Work With 8th Notes
    Explore more advance charts with combinations of quarter and eighth notes.  
    Lesson 2: Working with a metronome
    Explain how to use a metronome.  Demonstrations include both a digital and analog metronome. 
    Lesson 2:The single stroke roll
    Learn the most used roll in drums; the single stroke roll.  Complete with practice tips and suggestions. 
    Lesson 2:Reading Exercises 1
    Begin exploring the eighth note with some simple reading exercises. 
    Lesson 2:Reading Exercises 2
    Strengthen the knowledge of the eighth note with more combinations and reading exercises. 
    • Any interest in learning drums, sight reading and music theory
    • Practice Pad, Snare Drum, Drum Sticks and Metronome helpful but not mandatory.
    Что Вы изучите?
    • Play snare drum with notes, learn music theory, learn about single stroke rolls.
    Joshua Lappin
    Joshua Lappin
    Drum Instructor

    Hey my name is Josh and here is a little about me:

    - Playing drums for over 25 years

    - Studied and earned degree in Recording Technology at Barton College

     - Offered one on one music lessons to students of various ages

     - Enjoy and play rock, funk, jazz, R&B, country and latin styles

     - Play acoustic and electric drums

     - Multi - instrumentalist - also play piano and bass guitar

     - Enjoy and actively participate in recording and live sound engineering

     - Have played in studios, churches, bands and orchestras

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