Showing you how I taught my Guitar to sing, so you can too.

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The aim of this course is to teach you the beginnings of how to make your Guitar sing.
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There is a unique Tune in almost everyone. If you can sing,that's great. But if you can't then that song my stay locked in you and never be heard. The Piano, Banjo and Guitar are great accompaniment instruments for people who can sing. But if you are not really a singer?

Most Guitar lessons start with Chords. But "The tune is in the chord" so in this course we are starting with the Guitar scales (Pentatonics) just like a singer would. I am sure that you will have noticed that most Instrumentalists rarely have the music in front of them when playing  in public. How? They use Sound(the ear) locked and linked to their finger muscle memory and pattern memory. When they are paying they are listening to the tune in their head finger muscle memory and Chord pattern memory just click in automatically, If You Have Practiced Enough.

That's what this is all about. The exercises in this course  will show you how you can teach your Guitar to sing and maybe give the world a wonderful, wonderful,  new TUNE..

Introduction Learning the Major Pentatonics or the scales on your guitar.
Most people can hum a tune. To put a tune on your Guitar must know how to play a scale of notes (pentatonics) in a particular key.You will learn the C pentatonics using Muscle, Ear and Pattern memory.
Musicians pull 'Ear Memory" &"Muscle Memory" together with "Pattern Memory"
This whole course will focus on  Guitar Pentatonics . Or to put it into a singers terms the notes in a particular Key.In Lecture 1  I want to focus  on the Key of C .  We will start  with the C pentatonic  in the first position. The good news is the finger pattern that we will use is moveable up the fret board of the Guitar. By changing the starting position you will be changing the Key. There are 4 Major pentatonic patterns, hence there are 4 lectures covering these in this course. We will also look at the Minor Pentatonics and the Blues Pentatonics in another course.
C Major Pentatonic 2nd Position
Learning C Major Pentatonic 2nd Position.  Two more "C Major" pentatonics to go. The video  includes finger positions, and is optimised to assist ear memory,  and finger muscle memory. Call out the Note being played as you  practice the Pentatonic scale. A downloadable finger position "slide show" is included. An additional Resources video is included showing the pentatonics being played`up the fretboard, indicating  the "Key" for each position. We recommend that you practice this pentatonic daily and that you only move on to the next lecture when you are happy with your practising result.
Chord Progression
Learn how the Major Pentatonic based Chords progress up the Fret Board
  • Must have a good, well setup acoustic, semi acoustic or electric Guitar. Must have a good Tuner. If electric Guitar should have a Guitar amplifier. A metronome would also be useful for beginners. Previous strumming experience would be useful but not esencial. You do NOT need to be able to read music. Students with a good pattern memory would be advantageous. Students with a good ear for music would also be advantageous. Experience playing another instrument such as a piano would also be advantageous.
David Dodsworth
David Dodsworth
Guitar Instrumentalist and Tutor with 50+ years experience
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