Курс ServiceNow Kickstart: Basic Skills for CMDB Administration

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Note: This course was created on the pre-Eureka UI of ServiceNow (THATS A LONG TIME AGO!) As a result, you will see differences in the UI as well as supporting resources, for what is captured in this course and what is currently available in ServiceNow. With the release of Fuji, the UI changes are more apparent.

However, fundamentally, ServiceNow works the same way. What that means is that it is intuitive to map the steps in the current ServiceNow UI and follow the course accordingly using your own free ServiceNow Instance via the ServiceNow Developer Portal!


This course is what you need to Kickstart your ServiceNow knowledge as it aligns with the ServiceNow Administration to support the configuration of the CMDB.

It includes a series of videos that cover various aspects of ServiceNow to get you going with the Basics of ServiceNow Administration and give you an overview of various aspects and features of ServiceNow. 

Take this course to:

  • Understand the basic administration skills needed to support ServiceNow CMDB configurations
  • Prepare for your ServiceNow Interview
  • Administer ServiceNow
  • Refresh your SerivceNow Skills
  • Get familiar with ServiceNow
Course Introduction
User Interface
Logging in to ServiceNow
Thisvideo briefly describes how to log in to ServiceNow. It details an expectedURL structure and demonstrates what to expect after you log in.
Basic UI Features
Thisvideo covers the essential UI features available after you login toServiceNow. It details the use of various icons and provides tips thus makingthe interface more intuitive for first time users.
ServiceNow Forms
Form Basics
Thisvideo explains the Forms UI and covers the essential UI features. It detailsthe use of various features in the UI and provides tips thus making theinterface more intuitive for first time users.
Form Advanced
Thisvideo details the advanced features and administration for the Forms. Itprovides an overview of the form customization options and provides genericrecommendations.
Form Dependent Fields
Thisvideo demonstrates the ability to create dependent fields in a form so thatchanging a value in one field changes an associated value in another relatedfield. Basic knowledge of Form Customizations is recommended as aprerequisite.
Form Fields Deep Dive
Thisvideo details all the form field types available in ServiceNow anddemonstrates their features by creating a sample form. It provides anoverview allowing for an understanding of the functionality facilitatingbetter design decisions.
Use Case: Incident Review Meeting
Thisvideo demonstrates an example of how a form can be customized byconsolidating data in different tables (Change, Incident, Problem, CMDB)allowing for a simplified process.
ServiceNow List Views
  • Access to a ServiceNow Instance via ServiceNow Developer Portal
Что Вы изучите?
  • Understand the basic administration skills needed to support ServiceNow CMDB configurations
  • ServiceNow Interview Preparation
  • Administer ServiceNow
  • Refresh ServiceNow Skills
  • Get familiar with ServiceNow
Shivraj Vichare
Shivraj Vichare
Content Creator

Currently at QuickNexus, Shivraj Vichare focuses exclusively on the CMDB in ServiceNow and has developed capability and expertise in building solutions to expand the capability of the ServiceNow Platform, leveraging the CMDB and ServiceNow Discovery.

Shivraj Vichare, using the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) framework, has been working with ServiceNow since 2007 in various roles including System Administrator, Developer, Solution Lead, Delivery Lead, Client Engagement Manager and SME.

His experience started with ING as one of the first large scale transformational ServiceNow Implementations.

After ING, Shivraj consulted at Ernst & Young and Clearwire.

In 2012, Shivraj joined Accenture as a ServiceNow SME for two years.

Currently, he is a Managing Director at QuickNexus, focusing exclusively on the CMDB in ServiceNow.

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