Secret to Losing Weight with Brain Power

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Secret to Losing Weight with Brain Power
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Secret to Losing Weight with Brain Power
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Be able to finally master your eating habits. Gain control of your life, stop guessing and hoping for a better body, but actually have one.
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This course works with your brain, while using powerful marketing techniques such as 'cognitive inferences' and 'mental anchoring', to help establish new psychological perceptions, learning, and reasoning toward pre-existent constituted nerve impulses and assumptions.

The use of brain science is done through cognitive anadiplosis, and psychogenic imaging and verbal continuances. By hearing and seeing new sounds, thoughts, and ideas, the key is to link new negative emotions with unhealthy foods, and link positive feelings to healthy foods and actions.

This course is designed to establish high emotional responses through cerebral conditioning, particularly to form new neural networks by something called mammalian amelioration, which is to form new somatic responses within our limbic system and prefrontal cortex.

Most people have no idea that their brain and reality is mostly not of their doing.

Marketing companies are extremely influential, and the imaging and emotional foundations they have established are largely in the public psyche.

To fight back, I designed this course with one mission.

To help people use marketing, cognitive anchoring techniques, and education, to help form new somatic responses within our brain.

To illustrate this with a simple example, imagine if you are famished and your favorite food was in front of you.

Your mouth is watering, your stomach is rumbling, and you want to eat now!

Then imagine if someone poured bleach and green liquid mildew all over the tasty food.

Would you want to eat it still?

Would you throw it in the trash?

Of course you wouldn’t eat it, no matter how good it was just seconds ago because the toxic bleach and green mildew outweigh the positives of the food.

Rather than focusing on will power, it is better to pour emotional and psychological bleach and mildew on the foods that are killing most people.

The stronger the emotion, the better we can retain the memory and link between the food and our brain. As well as the habit or action associated with the negative food or habit.

This course is here to help us fight back against corrupt fake-food manufacturers and win, by redirecting our mind's to take positive actions.

Decisions that are in alignment with a healthy body and way of life.

To get a sexy, slimmer, stronger body, we need thoughts and emotions, which support such a body.

If you want real help, get this course and sign up for an amazing adventure to get back your body and hijack your mind from the evil marketers who want to keep you sick, unhealthy, and addicted to their dangerously refined dead foods!

What if you woke up today to the body of your dreams?

What outfit would you wear on a night of the town to show off your sexy physique?

How would it feel to be in control of your diet and eating foods that make you feel like a brand new person?

Would you like to feel happier about the decisions you make about yourself and diet everyday?

Would you like the quiet feeling of excellence and excitement, knowing that you can say no to what harms you, no to negative peer pressure, and say yes to foods that make you smile, feel powerful, and shine?

Do you want to look slimmer in photos?

Look sharper in a dress suit or evening gown?

Want to see a lean, chizled face in the mirror?

Want people to respect your self discipline, insight, and admire your healthy body?

Then hurry and take this course, for your future tomorrow that is filled with joy, control, and higher self esteem.

Intro Part 1- Why Marketing to Yourself Makes You Smarter, Powerful, & healthi
Do you want to understand the difference between good & evil marketing? How marketing can alter your decisions? You will learn how you are being manipulated and how to empower yourself!
Intro Part 2 - Who Stole Your Castle?
Do you want to understand the difference between good & evil marketing? How marketing can alter your decisions? You will learn how you are being manipulated and how to empower yourself!
Secret to Losing Weight with Brain Power - First Program Example
Experience how this program works to help you ditch junk food, first example
4 - What fruit makes your smile sexier, skin softer, & breath fresher?
This is the second program example to help you eat foods that are good for you
5 - Do you want to master your world - Have Ultimate Power - Calling all control
Learn how to take control of your health flight path!
6 - Where did Junk Food come from - What are the worst snacks to RUN from
Find out how to run away from some of the worst junk foods on the planet!
  • A desire to change your life.
Alexander Oberhansly
Alexander Oberhansly
Information Designer, Speaker
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