Курс Scandalously Slimming Soups

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Whether you like to cook or you avoid the kitchen like the plague, this course makes it so easy to create delicious and nutritious soups that will help you stay on your diet or cleanse. From healthy food choices to the 6 secrets to flavoring, you will be surprised at how much fun it is to create soups that will have everyone raving. Soup-er easy to makein under 20 minutes. Come learn why these soups are truly scandalously slimming!

How soups can help you stay on any slimming program
An overview of how easy-to-make homemade soups are the best suppport for a healthy weight loss program
Difference between Diets and Cleanses
There's a very important difference between a diet and a cleanse. Just a few tips to be successful.
Never feel you are missing out
How soups help you stick to your weight loss or cleansing program.
We are what we eat
You will understand the difference between alive and lifeless foods and why that makes a difference to your health.
Why you want living foods on your diet or cleanse
If you want to be slim...you also want to eat healthy.
Six Little Flavoring Secrets No One Ever Taught You

Learn about the 6 Ayurvedic Flavors or Tastes from India and discover how to make all your soups taste amazing!

Let's get cooking
Discover how easy it is to make delicious soups
Make a scandalously slimming yam soup

Follow along as I whip up a scandalously slimming simple AND nutritiously delicious yam soup.

The fine art of flavoring
This is the fun and creative part of cooking. Discover how easy it is to play and have a delicious soup that will support your diet.
Make a scandalously slimming broccoli soup

Just about any vegetable can make a delicious soup...but what about a vegetable you don't really like? Join me as I make a great broccoli soup for the very first time.

  • They should have basic skills in the kitchen. A list of supplies and ingredients will be provided.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Sticking to your diet, fast or cleanse is a breeze with these delicious, nutritious lo-cal soups.
Michele Hall
Michele Hall
TV Producer and Author

As a student of Vedic knowledge, Michele brings an understanding of the Ayurvedic flavoring used in traditional Indian cuisine. With this knowledge, she creates remarkably delicious soups that are wonderful supports for any diet or cleanse. Michele has cooked for groups of up to 500 people for special events, but it is the small dinner gathering and the preparation of food with love, care and attention that most interests her.

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Scandalously Slimming Soups