Курс SAP Simplified for Absolute Beginners

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О курсе

An ideal
starter course into the daily office work with SAP for prospective end user. Get to know the essential parts of the system and also understand them. Make yourself familiar with the SAP system by watching carefully desigend videos about SAP.

Your journey
into the SAP world will start from scratch. By and by you will be aquainted
with the system in a very simplified way. 
The lectures always combine theory immediately with practice. Meaning
that everything is also demonstrated in a live system directly. 

You will see that it is not that difficult to navigate in SAP ERP. At its heart it is a question of understanding. This course offers lots of suitable explanations and demonstrations. 

At the close of the course you will have a quite good
understanding of SAP and thus be able to use the SAP system at work.

Getting ready
Course content and instructor
In this video the instructor and the course content will be presented.
How to do the Practical Exercises?
This is a short description on how to do the Practical Exercises.
How to download and start the Practical Exercises?
In case you have any problems in starting the exercises, here you can watch step by step what to do - from download to start the exercise. 
Getting started
What do you mean by SAP?
The term SAP will be defined. By the end of the video, you'll know what people mostly mean by those three big white letters.
What does SAP ERP look like?
After you’ve already learned that SAP ERP is a packaged Business Software, and in order to become familiar with it, you'll next see what this software looks like. By the end of the video you’ll be able to distinguish the different parts of an SAP screen.
Why is it called SAP ERP?
The concept of ERP software will be shortly discussed, the SAP ERP software will be demonstrated and then the different acronyms of the product name will be explained.
What are the main characteristics of SAP ERP?
You'll learn about the three main characteristics of SAP ERP, which are real-time, components and integration.
What's inside an SAP ERP Component?
You'll learn how Components are structured and how business tasks are performed via Transactions.
Demonstration for Practice: Favorites
It will be demonstrated how Favorite folders are created, how transactions are added as Favorites, and how Favorites are changed or deleted.
How to call a Transaction in SAP?
At the close of this video, you'll be able to call a transaction via the navigation area or the command field. Furthermore, you'll be able to deal with multiple sessions.
  • No requirements, everything is provided within the course
Что Вы изучите?
  • To know the basic functionalities of SAP ERP
  • To navigate with ease in SAP
  • To work with transactions in SAP
Ulrika Garner
Ulrika Garner
Zertifizierte Beraterin für SAP MM, Hobby: Fotobearbeitung

Application Consultant Materials Management for SAP. 

Seit mehr als 15 Jahren freiberuflich in SAP Projekten tätig. / More than 15 years experience as freelancer in SAP projects.

Neben der Beratung führe ich auch Schulungen vor Ort in Unternehmen durch. Die Erfahrungen aus diesen Schulungen haben mich bewogen, eigene Online-Kurse anzubieten. Es ist mir ein Anliegen, dass diese Kurse für jeden Interessierten verständlich und nachvollziehbar sind.

Apart from consulting I also do special trainings in companies. To me it is really important, that everyone who is interested in SAP can easily follow my instructions. 

In meiner Freizeit beschäftige ich mich u.a. mit der digitalen Fotobearbeitung und nutze dazu Paint.NET, das kostenlose Bildbearbeitungsprogramm unter Windows.

In my spare time I like to edit and create images with Paint.NET, a free photo and image editing software for Microsoft Windows.

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