Russian Made Easy - Accelerated Learning for Russian - VOL 2

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Volume II of 'Russian Made Easy' picks up where Volume 1 left off. It continues to use modern techniques like contextual learning for vocabulary acquisition, construction branching for fluency, and pattern recognition for grammar. The 'Russian Made Easy' series teaches beginner's Russian in a fun, efficient style. With thirty episodes in all, each episode approximately 20 mins long, both volumes of the course could be finished in a week, but it's best to study only one episode per day.

This course is ideal for absolute beginners to Russian, as well as those with some experience but who just haven't been able to find the right course. Along with learning approximately 300 words and phrases, when you finish the course you'll also understand:

* All six Russian verb conjugations

* All six Russian cases

The course lays a rock-solid foundation for those who seek to master the Russian language.

работа Я работаю в компании Ты работаешь сейчас? компания банк офис
In this episode you'll learn the following words and phrases:работаЯ работаю в Я работаю в компании Ты работаешь сейчас?компаниябанкофисAnd today's TIP: Stay motivated. Think of the benefits of being able to speak conversational Russian!
Я говорю Ты говоришь? по-русски по-английски испания по-испански
In this lecture we'll be learning:Я говорюТы говоришь?по-русскипо-английскииспанияпо-испанскиОн /Она будетхочетживётработаетAnd today's TIP: Speak fast! Construct the phrase in your head slowly, but say it fast.
Мне нужен/Мне нужна хорошо сувенир компьютер телефон интернет машина квартир
In this episode you'll learn: Мне нужен/Мне нужна хорошо сувенир компьютер телефон интернет машина квартираGRAMMAR: adding Ы makes nouns pluralTIP: You dont have to learn to read Russian, but if you decide to, you can learn in a few days with our Russian Destroyer course.
У меня есть У тебя есть У Джона есть У Светланы есть кошка ручка
In today's video podcast: У меня есть У тебя есть У Джона есть У Светланы есть кошкаручкаOur TIP: Small words (like В and У) have a big impact on the words that follow.
давай на ты, здесь кстати девушка пиво Блин!
Today's lesson: давай на тыздеськстатидевушкапивоБлин!TIP: Don't panic when you hear unfamiliar words.
Вы будете хотите живёте работаете говорите Вам нравится нужен У Вас есть
Today we learn:

ВЫverb forms

Вы будете

Вы хотите

Вы живёте

Вы работаете

Вы говорите

Вам нравится

Вам нужен

У Вас есть

TIP: Russian has two ways of addressing people. Be sure to use the formal one with adults you don't know.

Ваш/Ваша красивый вкусный очень молоко сало бейсбол
Today we learn: Ваш/Ваша красивый вкусный очень молоко сало бейсболGRAMMAR: The existence of neuter words and adjectivesTIP: Meaning is NOT an all or nothing thing. Understanding the meaning of a word is a continuum, from having absolutely no clue what a word means, to fully understanding.
твоё ваше твои ваши мои Ну?
Today we learn: твоёвашетвоивашимоиНу?Practiced switching between casual and formalTIP:It is far better to learn a smaller core vocabulary, and master it, than it is to have a gigantic vocabulary that you can't really use.
Привет Как дела нормально Всё А у тебя
Today we learn: ПриветКак деланормальноВсёА у тебяTIP: Adding ИК / КА to make things small or cute sounding
Past tense verbs and the Instrumental Case
Learn how past tense verbs in Russian must reflect not only the sex of the "doer" of the action, but also status.
  • Blank flashcards for new vocabulary words, and a notebook for constructions and grammar points.
Что Вы изучите?
  • By the end of the course you will have a small but useful vocabulary. More importantly, you will understand all six grammatical cases in Russian and have a good feel for all six basic verb conjugations.
Mastery Group
Mastery Group
You'll Learn Faster

We are a group of language teaching professionals with decades of experience between us. Our mission is to teach the major world languages using modern language learning techniques like contextual learning, pattern recognition, construction branching, S.L.T. and more. The two principles of the Language Mastery Group are:

MARK THOMSON: A native New Yorker and lifelong instructor, first of guitar and later of languages. Mark is a self-taught, fluent speaker of Russian. He created the popular Russian Accelerator online Russian course, along with numerous other Russian courses including Russian Alphabet Mastery, and the Russian Made Easy podcast. He also created English Mastery Method in which he teaches English to native Russian speakers, and many other more advanced English courses under the Master Fluent English brand: Speak Fluent English, Understand Fluent English, and numerous Live Conversations courses. Mark's expertise is in detecting and explaining the patterns of grammar within any language, along with teaching it efficiently. Mark resides part time in Virginia, and part time in Ukraine.


GREG TORKELSON: Originally from Arizona, Greg is a self-taught speaker (and reader) of Japanese. He has been living and teaching full time in Japan for over a decade. Greg is the creator of a variety of Japanese courses including Japanese Mastery Method and Kanji Krusher. One of Greg's specialties is in clearly explaining the complexities of Japanese grammar, especially their system of linguistic particles. Perhaps his greatest expertise is in his ability to break down the complex Chinese characters known as kanji into recognizeable and memorable visual images.

Greg is also a co-founder of the Master Fluent English brand of adanced English courses.

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Russian Made Easy - Accelerated Learning for Russian - VOL 2