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 Welcome to 'Russian in graphics'! 

Most of us want to learn a new language to be able to make new friends and communicate with them easily. In our daily life “to communicate” means to ask simple, mostly short questions, and provide answers to those. All you need to know is vocabulary + grammar, which will give you freedom of expression; however, that freedom can only happen if you know how to apply vocabulary and grammar. That is why I designed my course in such a way that you will be learning bits of grammar via dialogues on a specific vocabulary topic. This method optimizes the time you spend, and the skills and vocabulary you gain after each lesson. Finally, you will be able to create your own dialogues, which is one of the most pleasant aspects of language learning.

Please, don't undermine the importance of your Russian accent, which must be good enough to be easily understood by native Russian speakers. The fact is that Russian doesn't sound the same as it's written! So, if your plan is to learn just Russian LETTERS, please, change that mindset immediately! Letters will help you just to read signs in the streets, but not to properly pronounce Russian words and phrases. Please, go through Section 10 in the course, spend 2-3 hours in total watching engaging video lessons, and feel confident enough while talking to your Russian friends.

Hope to see you soon in the class!

Alphabet andpronunciation.
In the first part of the course you will learn how to read, write and properly pronounce Russian sounds.
Letters М, Т, Д, К, Н, В, С, Л in combination with А, О, У,Э, Ы
You will learn how to read and properly pronounce letters  М, Т, Д, К, Н, В, С, Л, in combination with vowels А, О, У,  Э, Ы
LettersП, Р, Б, Г, З, Ф, Хin combination with vowels А, О, У,Э, Ы
You will learn how to read and properly pronounce letters  П, Р, Б, Г, З, Ф, Х  in combination with vowels А, О, У,  Э, Ы
Pronunciation of letter 'Е' in stressed and unstressed positions.
You will learn how to pronounce 'Е" in combination with consonants.
Word stress and letter 'O' in stressed and unstressed positions.
You will learn about word stress in Russian and pronunciation of stressed and unstressed "О"
Difference in pronunciation of hard and soft sounds
You will learn how to distinguish between hard and soft consonants.
Letters: Й, Ч, Щ.
You will learn pronunciation of Й, Ч, Щ.
Usage of soft'Ь'and hard 'Ъ' signs.
You will learn usage of soft and hard signs .
Letters: Ж, Ш, Ц.
You will learn the pronunciation of  Ж, Ш, Ц.
Introduce yourself and others! Basic sentence. Personal/possessive pronouns.
You will learn how to create real life dialogues while introducing yourself, your friends or family members.
You will learn how to start and end conversation.
You will learn how to introduce yourself in formal and informal situations.
You will learn how to talk about someone's profession or occupation.
Personal pronouns in Nominative case. Occupations.
  • Your ENTHUSIASM is very much needed.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Know how to build meaningful expressions in Russian in a a variety of everyday situations.
  • Easily find and make Russian friends according to the interests and hobbies you have.
  • Feel confident to start a conversation in Russian.
  • Chat with your Russian friends in person or online.
  • Express your opinion about movies, serials your watch or music you listen to.
  • Be ready to receive compliments about your beautiful Russian accent.
Yulia Semenova
Yulia Semenova
Authour and instructor of 'Russian in Graphics'

Hello! My name is Yulia. I'm a native Russian speaker Originally I'm from Moscow. I'm fluent in Turkish and English. I have the Bachelor Degree in English Philology (Ege University, Turkey) and Master's Degree in Teaching Russian as Foreign language (The People's Friendship University  of Russia,  Moscow)

Creating interactive learning materials and developing methodology of teaching Russian as foreign language have been the main areas of my professional interest.

Boguś Gasek
Boguś Gasek
Researcher and simultaneous interpreter

Hello! My name is Boguś. I'm a consultant of the "Russian in graphics" course.

I hold a PhD in Linguistics. My areas of research include Translation Studies, lexicography and Russian accentology. I'm also a simultaneous interpreter of Russian and Polish languages.

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