Robotic Process Automation - RPA Overview

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Understand what Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is
See an RPA demo
Understand why RPA is a massive career & earning opportunity
Know which RPA tools are most relevant
Understand the challenges & risks when implementing RPA
Envision a basic RPA implementation plan
О курсе

If you're not learning robotic process automation, or, RPA, right now… you're already behind.

Much in the same way physical robots have been rapidly replacing industrial, blue-collar jobs, software robots will be replacing a high percentage of white collar jobs… sooner than you think. The most likely way to adapt & thrive in this new age will be to know how to build & maintain software robots!

In this course I’ll provide you with a clear overview of robotic process automation including:

  • Robotic Process Automation history & drivers
  • Benefits, challenges, and risks of Robotic Process Automation
  • Industries & applications where RPA fits the best
  • An overview of current Robotic Process Automation tools & capabilities
  • A basic software robot demo
  • An implementation plan you can use as a guideline to introduce Robotic Process Automation into your company

The goal of this course is to help you see the big picture of robotic process automation and prepare you for further hands-on study using the RPA tech primer course, and an RPA tool course of your choice.

About the RPA Overview Course
Welcome to the Robotic Process Automation Overview course. This videoprovides a high level overview of what's in the course.
About Me
Just a little bit about me and my background if you're interested.
The Basics
Let's define & clarify Robotic Process Automation
What is Robotic Process Automation
Let's take a high level look at exactly what Robotic Process Automation is, and how RPA can improve any company.
What Robotic Process Automation Is Not
Robotic Process Automation has nothing to do with physical robots!
RPA vs. Test Automation
If you havetest automationskills,RPAwill be a natural extension for you. What's most important is that while test automation jobs are becoming moresaturated and competitive, RPAjobs are exploding, and companies currentlycan't find enough qualified people! People with a testing background also make for better RPA developers, because you usually test your own robotsbetter before releasing them.
How to Build a Simple Software Robot
Robotic Process Automationpertains to software robots. Let's have a quick look at how to build one.
Robotic Process Automation History & Drivers
Will RPA Kill Outsourcing/Offshoring?
Robotic Process Automationresults in software robots that are faster, better, and cheaper than humans. Does offshoring still make sense?
The Right Mindset for RPA
Robotic Process Automation will undoubtedly cause white collar job losses along with the benefits it brings. Having the right RPA mindset will ensure you don't lose sight of the big picture.
Digging Deeper
Now that we have a cursory understanding of RPA, let's broaden our understanding.
  • A modern windows computer with Internet connection
  • Basic job experience at a small, medium, or large company.
  • Be familiar with the roles that MS Excel spreadsheets, MS Word, websites, and software applications fill in daily business life.
Bryan Lamb
Bryan Lamb
My courses will improve your life and income!
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