Курс Real Food for Real People: Nutrition Success for Life

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Real food for Real People: Nutrition Success for Life will teach you all you need to know about nutrition, for real people. You will learn about the science behind how much and what to eat for your own personal goals, how to read nutrition labels, what is in certain foods, and how to correlate this all back to your own requirements. The learnings in this course will enable you to get full control of your nutrition once and for all, and set you up with the knowledge required to achieve long term success with no gimmicks or quick fixes, just real, delicious food. This course is a combination of video and supporting documents with further information, as well as multi-choice quizzes throughout to ensure you understand the content, so you can then take further action once complete. After course support is also provided so there is no excuse for not sticking to this and finally living the healthy, balanced lifestyle you desire.

Learn about what we are going to cover in the course
A quick intro to the course, and what you should expect to get out of it.
What we will cover
What we will cover in this course - nutrition myths, reading nutrition labels, macronutrients, calories, requirements, food, what is in the foods we eat. How to include delicious food and have a balanced lifestyle and still get results. Realistic goals and after course support.
At the end of this section you will know the reasons why quick fixes do not work, and the predictable cycle of short term diets.
At the end of this you will have a clear understanding of why short term diets are never going to give you the results you need. Explanation of the diet "cycle" and why it is a clear set up for failure, and why many have failed with "diets" in the past.
Nutrition Myths
After this lecture you will be able to cut through the BS when it comes to nutrition! Learn what is real, what is not, and who are the voices of reason when it comes to nutritional sciences.
Nutrition Myths
The truth about common nutrition myths such as meal timing and "stoking the metabolic fire" a look at some recent studies and articles. Recommendations on who to follow when it comes to accurate, unbiased nutrition information.
Explain what macronutrients are, and why each macro is important.
Learn about macronutrients - protein, fat and carb, and why they are important as part of a balanced diet. Learn about the different roles macronutrients play in the body, and how they can affect performance and body composition. Also learn about the importance of fibre, and which foods contain fibre and other macronutrients.
Quick Check - Understanding Macronutrients
Questions to confirm your knowledge of macronutrients.
Explain what calories are and why we need to know about them.
What are Calories?
At the end of this lecture you will have a clear understanding of how calories are made up, and why calories are the key to managing your weight long term. Learn about BMR, NEAT and TDEE and why they are important.
  • Recommend a notepad and pen, and a calculator.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Learn the truth about common nutrition myths
  • Understand the problems with quick fixes and why they are not a long term solution
  • The science behind nutrition, calories and macronutrients
  • How to calculate your own requirements and then easily put this in to practice
  • How to read food labels and correlate that back to your own requirements
  • Eat for your goals and also for enjoyment
  • Explain basic nutrition principals to others
  • Create a healthy, balanced, sustainable lifestyle
  • How to have your cake and eat it too ;)
  • How to get control of your nutrition once and for all!
Danni Whittaker
Danni Whittaker
Chef, PT, competitor, sponsored athlete, nutrition expert

The majority of my career has been in high level sales roles however I've also worked as a personal trainer, competed in bodybuilding competitions, and am a qualified chef with a clear passion for health, fitness, food and nutrition. I train most days, and I love to help others on their journeys towards becoming healthier and happier through sport and fitness.

I have just recently launched a fitness app, Fit Meet, which connects people based on their sport and location to find training partners. I want to help motivate and make it easier for people to get fit, and by linking people up with similar goals to train together it will help keep them accountable, and also make fitness more fun and more social. It is the first global app of its kind on both iOS and android platforms and is available as a free download. Fit Meet covers all sports, all locations, all fitness levels and all ages 17+

I am passionate about promoting evidence based information and the benefits of living a healthy balanced lifestyle, and wish to share my knowledge and experience in order to help others.

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