Reading Music Made Easy - Note Reading, Not Note Memorizing!

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By the end of this course you will be able to read simple melody lines while playing basic chords.
In this course you will learn to read intervals as the basis of all note reading.
You will learn how to read any note on the staff by combining your knowledge of guide notes and intervallic reading.
Accidentals - sharps, flats and naturals - will be demystified allowing you to play any song written in any key.
As a BONUS, you will be given the 'recipes' for 4 types of chords - major, minor, 7 and minor 7 - which will add interest to the songs you play.
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Join over 800 students who are already learning to read music with this course!

Have you always wanted to learn to read music but found the process slow, frustrating and confusing?

Do you want to be able to read melody lines in addition to playing chords?

Are you tired of books and courses that 'teach' you to read notes by giving you pictures of notes and a staff and then tell you to memorize the notes and their names?

Have you always thought there has to be a better and more efficient way to learn to read music?

In this course, you will learn everything you need to be able to read music notes (reading rhythm is not included in this course) in a way that goes beyond just rote memorization of notes and names. This system is so simple even 4- and 5- year olds have learned to read music by using it!

Through videos, worksheets and printouts of familiar songs, you will have the opportunity to first see the concepts explained and then practice the skills you learned both in isolation and also with real music. Music is a language, and as with any language, proficiency comes with practice.

You will learn to read both treble and bass clef, and as a BONUS, you will learn how to build and play up to 48 chords which will add richness to the songs you play!

Whether you have always wanted to learn to read music but never tried because you felt it was too complicated, or you have previously tried to read music but failed, or even if you can already read music but want to improve your reading skills this course will help you achieve your goals.

So click the 'Take this Course' button in the upper right hand corner now to begin your journey. There's even a 30 day absolutely no questions asked full money back guarantee - my personal promise of your satisfaction! You really cannot lose! Enroll today!

Keyboard Basics
In this brief introduction, you will learn the names of the keys, how to find C, and the difference between up and down on the keyboard.
Music is a Map
Learn how written music is nothing more than a map of movement on the keyboard.
Reading 2nds and 3rds
In this lecture you will learn to read seconds and thirds.0:00 Introduction to reading notes.0:55 What is an interval?1:35Seconds and thirds on the keyboard2:12Seconds on the page3:00Thirds on the page3:48Direction or movement in intervals - seconds5:33Direction or movement in intervals - thirds
Practice Reading 2nd and 3rds
In this section you will have the opportunity to practice reading the intervals you learned about in Lecture 3.
Memorize Just 5 Guide Notes
In this lecture, you will learn the 5 guide notes in treble clef that when combined with what you have already learned about intervals will give you all the tools you need to start reading melodies quickly and easily. After watching there is a practice worksheet to help you review.0:00 Introduction0:27 The treble clef symbol1:05 A quick look at the staff2:06 Middle C3:26 Treble C4:15 High C5:10 All 3 C Guide Notes5:46 Two G Guide Notes6:26 G Above Middle C7:20 G Above Treble C8:00 Both G Guide Notes8:28 Can You Name All 5 Guide Notes?
Putting it All Together
Now that you have learned to recognize the 5 treble clef guide notes, seconds and thirds, it is time to put everything together and start reading. You might want to print off the first example, Frere Jacques, for easy reference before starting this lecture.0:00 Review of guide notes, seconds and thirds1:00 Step One: Finding the initial note of a song2:08 Measure one3:30 Measure two4:15 Measure three5:06 Measure four
Mary Had a Little Lamb
In this lecture, we will walk through the playing of Mary Had a Little Lamb.Download the song before starting the video so you can easily reference the music as we walk through the song.
Joy to the World
Print off your copy of Joy to the World before reviewing this video that gives you some hints as you play this song for the first time.0:00 Introduction0:37 Getting started1:56 Second line of the song; reading large jumps in intervals2:51 Measure numbers
My Country Tis of Thee
The final piece to print off and go through is My Country Tis of Thee.0:00 Introduction0:37 General notes on playing this song0:50 Chord symbols
  • Access to a piano or other keyboard (even one found on an iPad or other device) will be helpful.
  • An open mind to approach reading in a new way along with a willingness to practice each concept as it is learned.
Karen Gibson
Karen Gibson
Music teacher, composer, publisher of The Piano Bench Mag
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