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О курсе

What is the course about?

This course summarizes music notes reading techniques for treble clef and bass clef, and introduces two excellent practice methods, which I call them: silver method and golden method. They are all proved to work on my students. If you have any trouble in sight reading, this course is the correct one for you!

Why take this course?

If you pick up a music piece very slow because of sight reading; if you are still reading notes one by one; if you take more than 10s to read 4 bars; if you cannot handle to read both treble and bass clefs together, come to join this course!

How is the course structured?

This course starts with the introduction to several musical terms in 5 lessons. If you know these terms very well, you can skip this part. After that, reading techniques for treble clef and bass clef are taught separately. Hints from myself will be introduced as well. Finally, it is my silver and golden practice method.

Welcome and Introduction
Introduction to the course
Introduction to the course
This is a short introduction to this course and explain why you should take it.
Introduction to Fundamental Musical Terms
Learn several musical terms which are essential to the following lessons
Staff & Clef
This is an introduction to staff, treble clef and bass clef. If you already know these terms, you could skip this lesson.
Key Signature & Accidentals
This is an introduction on key signature and accidentals, plus how they work together. If you already know these terms, you could skip this lesson.
Letter Notation & Solfege Name
This is an introduction course on letter notation and solfege name, also their relationship. If you already know these terms, you could skip this lesson.
This is an introduction on intervals. It will help you to understand the relationship between music notes better. If you already know these terms, you could skip this lesson.
This is an introduction to chords and triads. Different kinds of triads will be discussed as well.
Treble Clef (G Clef) Techniques
Read music notes in treble clef in amazing ways
Treble Clef Technique 1
Here is the general technique on treble clef. By remembering this, it will help you identify notes on the lines and in the spaces quicker.
Treble Clef Technique 2
Several important positions will be introduced in this lesson. By remembering this position, it will help you to read notes in treble clef.
Treble Clef Technique 3
If you count letter very slowly, this technique would be useful to you. It will help you to count faster.
  • No prior music theory background required, but prepare your paper and pen!
Что Вы изучите?
  • Read music notes fast and correctly
  • Master correct sight reading practice method
Yanjin Luo
Yanjin Luo
A Passionate Music Teacher

Yanjin Luo is a passionate teacher in music, including music theory, harp, violin, piano and Pipa.

Yanjin has her own way to understand music theory, which makes her students' life much easier. For music theory, she is the holder of ABRSM Grade 8, ABRSM Grade 5, and CCM Grade 1.

Yanjin's instruments are harp, violin, piano and Pipa (A Chinese instrument). She is currently studying Master in Music in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Her students are very diverse, from age 3 to age 75, from kids to investment bankers. She is always working on improving the way to explain music and techniques to her students. Yanjin believes that everyone can understand music very well.

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