Курс Rapid Fat Loss Mastery.

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Everyone knows how to lose weight, right?  

Burn more calories than you take in, workout 3 to 4 times weekly, and eat enough calories to stay out of starvation mode.  But, how often does this work for people?

Has it worked for you?  Maybe it was but it was too hard and too long of a process?  

People still struggle with weight loss.  It's still a huge problem for most people.  

The answer is weight loss should be fast.  It should be so fast that you don't have time to bail on your diet.

 This solution has worked for me and people that I train.  The cover pic is of me over a 2 month span, as I lost over 30 pounds and got to 7 percent body fat.

 It can work for you too.  The absolute fastest way to lose weight is in this curriculum.  Not only is it fast, but you will maintain your muscle mass as you do so. You will literally watch the fat disappear overnight.  What do you have to lose but unsightly fat???

  • No previous experience or knowledge is required
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  • Students will learn how to control their bodyweight and lose weight rapidly while retaining or even gaining muscle mass.
Nick Jackson, PharmD, Pn1
Nick Jackson, PharmD, Pn1
Highly educated in Fitness, Nutrition, and Martial Arts

Nick is a practicing pharmacist, holding a doctorate from VCU. He also holds a precision nutrition certification in exercise nutrition, a Crossfit Level 1 certificate, Sankyu rank in judo, Snake Pit USA team member, and is an Erik Paulson Combat Submission Wrestling affiliate. He has an extensive background in combat sports competition; in which he has been a former Va judo heavyweight state champion and Tn State MMA Middleweight champion. He is a coach for both amateur and professional fighters at Team FAST. As well, he personally trains others in strength, conditioning, and nutrition.

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