Курс Professional DJ Course with DJ BIZZY B

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This course offers all the relevant information to start your professional DJ career.  Not only will beginners benefit from this but also professionals.  The course focuses on the following topics: Knowing your equipment, Cueing and Dropping of your first beat, Slowing and Chasing, Track selection, Proper Beat Matching, Bars and Beats, Mixing and Line Control, Marketing yourself.  You are guaranteed a much better understanding of the DJ fundamentals to prepare you for the music industry.   With deejaying there's always something new to learn.  Let this course, with your passion be your guide to become the professional you intended to be.

This DJ course will walk you through in depth to understand the DJ fundamentals.
Each lecture is designed in such a way that it gives you the necessary knowledge and understanding to move on to the next. Follow steps in their order and you are well on your way to become a PRO.
Knowing your equipment (part 1)
Each DJ needs to understand the technical/operational side of their equipment.  Understanding your equipment provides you the advantage to perform at your best.
Cueing and dropping your first beat.
It is advised that you follow each lecture in their order to understand the next lecture better.  Cueing and Dropping of your first beat is one of the first puzzle pieces in djing.  You will get more info to assist you better with next lecture.
Slowing and chasing.
This lecture concentrates on how to keep up with the tempo of the other song which is an advantage when you start to beat match.
Track selection.
Proper track selection is key in djing.  Selecting and playing the right tracks can only advance you as a favorite with the crowd and this differentiates you from other djs.
Beat matching (part 1)
All djs need to understand how to beat match properly.  No dj can call themselves a professional if beat matching is not consistent and done properly.  Very essential lecture!
Bars and Beats.
This lecture assists you tremendously, especially when it comes to mixing.  You need to understand how songs are constructed and produced. 
Mixing and Line control.
Here we focus on the transition of songs, which we call mixing.  This is where the crowd realize your art and make the decision whether you good or not.  Therefor is so important that you practice all the previous steps in order to perfect your final product, which is your mixing.
Marketing yourself.
This lecture provides you with ideas on how to get yourself in the market place as a professional dj/brand.
  • Best to have their own DJ equipment but not a necessity.
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  • To start their professional DJ career.

Bizzy B is in the music industry for more than 10 years.  He has won a battle of the djs competition in 2008.  Started his entertainment company called The Hive Entertainment in 2009 of which his dj academy is one of his professional services offered.  In 2012 he was voted as one of the top 100 South African DJS, an initiative by SA DJ MAG.  In 2014 he got featured on Radio Free America (Slique Monique's show).  End of 2016 he was a finalist of the Red Square DJ Knockout Challenge, a national dj competition.  He has played at many different events and functions.  He is very versatile in genres and plays from hip hop, r&b, deep house, EDM, old school, etc.  Besides deejaying, he is also a music producer.

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