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This course includes my FREE eBook "The Elements of Dance Music, as well as

- 6GB of Free Samples For You To Use Royalty Free

- Useful Links to Tutorials and YouTube Videos

- A wide variety of course content - PowerPoints, Audio, Text, Documents and Video

DJs and Producers like Tiesto, Martin Garrix, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike are taking the EDM world by storm by producing "Big Room" tracks. These Beatport and iTunes chart-topping club smash hits are actually very easy to produce, using the great DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that is FL Studio. In fact, with a couple of hours of using the software, anyone can do it!

I'll show you how to easily and quickly produce a complete big room track in just a few hours! From start to finish, intro to outro, mixing to mastering, I'll show you the entire process of producing a track from the drums to the synths, right down to the final mixdown stage.

In this course you will find:

  • Hours upon hours of lectures, accompanied with FREE handouts you can print out and read
  • Tons of presets and soundbanks
  • Royalty Free samples - over 6 gigabytes of them in fact!
  • Lists of websites to find Free Software VSTis and Synthesizers
  • Links to useful websites that include more detail on producing music.
  • Tutorials and links to YouTube Videos

The course will take you several hours to finish. It is the longest course I have done so far and there is literally a lifetime of content in here. Although there are a few hours worth of videos, there is also tonnes of handout material, as well as many links to go through, and stuff to download. Therefore, if you do everything I tell you, you can spend many days going through all the content. Spend as much time on it as possible! Refer back to it often as I will keep on adding new material as I find it too. All of this is free - remember once you are enrolled in the course you have Udemy's lifetime free access to all its content.
Also, if you are not completely satisfied by the course, you are under no obligation to continue, and are backed by a full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
What's there to lose?

Welcome to the Course!
Here is a formal introduction to the course.
How to Contact Me
Try and contact me via the Udemy Private Messaging System if at all possible!
Future Music Magazine's Producer Sessions
Here are some useful links to Future Music Magazine
9 Awesome Effects Plugins! How to Obtain the Excellent Kjaerhus Effects Plugins!
The Kjaerhus Audio Classic Series are a must-have.
Introducing Samples!
Samples are essential for the Dance Music Producer today. Download free samples from the links provided in the following lectures, neatly categorized for your use!
  • The Basics of FL Studio (see my other course for details)
  • A familiarity with the interface of FL Studio
Что Вы изучите?
  • Produce a Big Room track using FL Studio
  • Learn how to use samples
  • Create effective buildups, breakdowns and drops for an electro-house track
Stephen Loader
Stephen Loader
Music Producer, DJ, Online Instructor

I've been producing music for around six years now. I started off using Propellorhead's Reason, and then migrated over to FL Studio in order to start using external plugins and VSTs. I mainly produce Progressive and Electro House as well as Trance, and have recently taken an interest in Trap and Hardstyle.

I graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2015 and studied for a year at Texas A&M University, USA in 2013. I have produced multiple tracks under my name, as well as producing instrumentals for other artists internationally. I am currently an alumni of a Texas A&M organization called the "DJ's of Aggieland" and have spun at numerous house parties, with several big opportunities lined up for the immediate future. I also currently run two online courses right here on Udemy, entitled "The Basics of FL Studio and Dance Music Production", as well as "Produce Electro Big Room in under 5 Hours with FL Studio"

I hosted a weekly radio show whilst studying in Texas, playing my own music, as well as tracks from local producers. In 2015 I had a radio show at the University of Nottingham on URN1350.

I have a SoundCloud account that showcases the music I make professionally. You can find it by searching for "FleeC" or by looking at the links section below.

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