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Understand the Pro Tools workflow and terminology
Fluently use the Editing Tools for Audio and MIDI
Be able to troubleshoot your Pro Tools system to avoid crashes and project errors
О курсе

Learn the basic concepts, tools, and functions that you will need to build fully functional projects with the most popular Digital Audio Workstation, Pro Tools.

Build a strong foundation in Pro Tools workflow with this tutorial for beginners.

  • Create New Sessions
  • Record Audio Instruments
  • Build MIDI Compositions
  • Speed Up Your Workflow Using Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Learn the Fundamentals in Mixing and Mastering

A Powerful Skill at Your Fingertips

Learning fundamentals of Pro Tools puts a powerful and very useful skill at your fingertips. Pro Tools is the Photoshop for professional music production and mixing.

Jobs in music production and mixing are plentiful, and being able to learn Pro Tools will give you a strong background to more easily pickup new projects.

Content and Overview

Suitable for beginners, through this course you'll learn the fundamentals of Pro Tools. Included are exercises and "cheat sheets" for a speedier workflow.

Starting with the basics on setting up your first session, we touch on the importance of proper input levels when recording, as well as MIDI channel routing to save CPU processing.

Our focus is not to reiterate the manual, but a comprehensive course of what you need to know.

Students completing this course will have the "know-how" to use Pro Tools entirely on a music project.

New Session and Preferences

This section focuses on setting up your Preferences and explains the Quick Start window.

Work Environment

There are two main windows in Pro Tools, the Edit window and the Mix window.

Learning your keyboard shortcuts speeds up your workflow in navigating through the software when creating and editing music.

Input Levels
In the early recording days (like The Beatles), engineers would record to reel tape formats which allowed for more headroom in the recording process. This simply meant that when you would record loud levels, it caused saturation or distortion. In the digital domain recording too loud can damage your recording with digital clipping and is very difficult to resolve.This section covers how to watch your levels when recording an audio instrument.
Mono vs Stereo

Most people have a misconception that if you record in mono, you're only going to hear the signal on one speaker. Although this is not completely inaccurate, you should know that in Pro Tools, setting up a Stereo or Mono track is determined by how many inputs you're using on your Audio Interface.


There's nothing more distracting than hearing an echo on your voice if you're recording. This section explains how to adjust your Buffer Size levels to minimize latency when recording. Although you can't completely eliminate latency, a value less than 12 milliseconds of latency is usually acceptable when performing.

Audio Files Location

Organization and file management is crucial to avoiding the risk of losing project files. We briefly explain the different between a parent file and a slave file as well as non-destructive editing.

Recording MIDI

There are five excellent virtual instruments included with Pro Tools

  1. Xpand!
  2. Boom
  3. Mini Grand
  4. Vaccum
  5. Structure
Using Instrument tracks, you can record melodies and rhythmic elements to your song.

At the most basic level, Quantization is used to adjust "imperfections" on a recorded performance (notes and timing). But in a creative way you can also use it to adjust swing and shuffle to a stiff sounding performance.

MIDI Channels

AIR Music Tech's Xpand! is a multitimbral instrument which can receive information from four different MIDI channels. Other's, like Native Instrument's Kontakt can do even more. With a single instance of these types of virtual instruments you can run many sound patches from a single instance of these plugins.

  • Computer literacy skills on Apple or Windows computer
  • Access to a version of Pro Tools 8 or higher is ideal
  • Have an ilok account to access a Pro Tools license
Alex Solano
Alex Solano
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