Курс Pre-game Meal and Half-time Recovery Nutrition for Athletes

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Gain an advantage and learn how to eat the right foods at the right time to improve your athletic performance. Coaches, athletes, parents will learn how food impacts athletic performance. A lot of practical tips and guidelines that can be easily applied.  

Battle for Resources
The body is constantly under stress to decide where to put its resources when the body is trying to digest food and exercise at the same time.
Significance of the Pre-game Meal
Why is this important? Eating the right foods at the right time?
Challenges for the Athlete
In order to accomplish this goal, athletes need to learn how to overcome their challenges of eating a pre-event meal to fuel their body for optimal performance.
Challenges for the School
The school or facility often attempts to provide the meal for the athletes and when doing so has its own challenges.
Things to Remember: Pre-Game Meal
A quick list to remind you of how to effectively implement an effective plan.
Timing of Pre-game Meal
It is very important to learn the role of timing when it comes to eating before an physical exercise.
Examples of Eating Patterns: Game Day
Provided are some great examples of an eating pattern for day or night games.
Examples of Winning Pre-Game Meals for Afternoon and Evening Game
Some great examples of winning pre-game meals for the athlete, coach and parent.
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Что Вы изучите?
  • What are my challenges of eating a quality pre-game meal?
  • Does timing of when I eat affect my performance?
  • What is the pre-game meal pyramid and how do I apply it?
  • What foods/meals should I avoid on gameday?
  • How do I eat a quality pre-game meal when I am on a budget?
  • How can what I consume during half-time affect my performance?
Ronnie Harper
Ronnie Harper
Co-owner of My Sports Dietitian

Ronnie Harper, Ed.D., ATC is a certified athletic trainer working at DutchtownHigh School. His passion is to help high school athletes, parents and coaches understand the role of nutrition in sport performance.

He obtained a Bachelors and Masters degree in Health and Physical Education from MississippiStateUniversity and his Educational Doctorate in Health and Human Performances Studies from the University of Alabama. He taught for 15 years at the collegiate level at MississippiStateUniversity, University of Alabama and SoutheasternLouisianaUniversity. He is finishing his 12th year as an educator and athletic trainer in the high school setting.As a parent, he has three active teenagers who provide him with the challenge of implementing positive eating habits and patterns on a daily basis.


Tavis Piattoly    MS, LDN, RD
Tavis Piattoly MS, LDN, RD
Food First to Improve Athletic Performance!

Sports Dietitian for the New Orleans Saints and New Orleans Hornets, where he coordinates nutritional assessments, provides nutrition education, and develops individual meal plans. Co-owner of My Sports Dietitian.

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