Practise Speaking English: Nursery Rhymes

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Nursery rhymes are an easy and fun way to learn English.  They help you practise your English pronunciation and improve your fluency in speaking English.

Have Fun Practising Speaking English.

  • Learn more English words: build your English vocabulary.
  • Practice English word patterns.
  • Build confidence in speaking English.
  • Find fun ways to use the English language.
  • Speak English fluently!

Nursery rhymes are an easy and fun way to learn to speak English.

Nursery rhymes are short, little stories that all native English speakers learn when they are children.  They are taught them by their parents and grandparents and will also play games based on the nursery rhymes at school and in the playground.

Therefore, every native English speaker that you may meet, will know these nursery rhymes! 

Knowing these rhymes will give you something in common with any native English speaker that you might meet and therefore a common cultural link which will help you form friendships!

Most of all, nursery rhymes are a fun way to practice speaking the English language. 

Listen and Repeat

This course uses the tried and tested, successful method of learning to speak English:

Listen and Repeat!

  • You will listen to each nursery rhyme in short, entertaining videos.
  • You will then practise speaking each nursery rhyme.
  • It is extremely important, that you practise speaking out loud
  • Speaking out loud fixes the language patterns, pronunciation and vocabulary in your brain!

You may notice that each of the nursery rhymes often has an associated tune or a particular rhythm which is learnt alongside it.  

Some of the rhymes also have actions!


Some of the nursery rhymes are naturally spoken quite quickly. We have included a slow version for if you have difficulty following the normal speed version.


You will:

  • Practise speaking English in the same way that native English speakers learn. 
  • Improve your pronunciation, tone, rhythm and fluency.

  • To want to have fun learning to speak English.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Speak English like a native!
  • Speak English more fluently.
  • Pronounce English words better.
  • Know more about English culture.
Mike Williams
Mike Williams
Teacher of English as a foreign language.

Mike is a qualified teacher in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) courses. He teaches groups and individuals in formal and informal settings and designs courses to their individual needs.  He also utilises the internet for distance learning.

Until leaving Scotland in May 2013 to come and live in Austria, Mike was a Firefighter with the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service. He was second in command of his unit. He was also an Instructor for Safe Working at Heights incorporating rope rescue. This followed twenty years working in London as a Driving Instructor (Grade 6/6). Mike has huge enthusiasm for teaching and likes to retain a fun element whilst ensuring information is both imparted and learnt in a clear, methodical fashion.

Mike was born in Scotland. He has a light Scottish accent, but is also a good mimic of accents (a result of service in the British Army, Royal Engineers) and is great at broadening experience of the many dialects and accents of the various regions of the United Kingdom.

He enjoys skiing; so much so, that he took the Austrian ski instructors examinations, in German! He now spends the winter months teaching skiing, in English or German, to students of any age, from many countries and all walks of life, in a beautiful, breathtaking alpine setting.

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Practise Speaking English: Nursery Rhymes