Курс Practice and Play Rondo Alla Turca by Mozart

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О курсе

Welcome to our course on Rondo Alla Turca by Mozart. We've divided this course in six different sections:


➜ Section 1: Bar 1 - 9

➜ Section 2: Bar 10 - 26

➜ Section 3: Bar 27 - 35

➜ Section 4: Bar 36 - 61

➜ Section 5: Bar 97 - 105

➜ Section 6: Bar 106 - the end of the piece


In each section we present an idea, either from our own view as performers, or from a teacher's point of view ( aka. what most students find difficult )

The best way to follow along with each lesson is to use the digital score we've provided for you. You can download and print it, then sit behind your piano and follow with ease. Pause the lesson whenever necessary and try out our suggestions.

Please let us know if you have any questions or requests about this piece, or any other piece you're playing. We'd be very happy to hear from you and help you.


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For Skype lessons and more, feel free to contact us!

  • General musical knowledge is required - Being able to read notes, understand basic rhythm and have basic technical skills.
Что Вы изучите?
  • We will provide you with fundamental musical knowledge, that can make an enormous difference in the way you understand and play the Rondo Alla Turca, other pieces and piano in general.
Dimitrov Boelee
Dimitrov Boelee
Piano Duo

Originally from Bulgaria, Dimitar was called by jury members of the many competitions he won a 'Lion of the Piano in the tradition of the old Russian's'. It's his passionate and commanding playing that sets the tone for the duo

Dutch pianist Elvire was already winning prizes at 11 years old. Playing in many ensembles and with orchestras during her music studies in the Prins Claus Conservatory in Groningen, she knew when she met Dimitar Dimitrov, she wanted to form a piano duo together. And she managed to convince him forming the DimitrovBoelee piano duo in 2014.

Elvire Boelee and Dimitar Dimitrov are both professional pianists, having studied their Bachelor and Master of Music in Groningen and Amsterdam (the Netherlands).

The DimitrovBoelee piano duo performs all over the Netherlands and has over 10 years of teaching experience.

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