Polish Language for Beginners: Master Polish Quickly!

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  • Latest Update: May 2016
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  • Two instructors are available inside the course to answer all your questions and provide immediate feedback

Learn the language structure, vocabulary, essential words and phrases you need in order to become a confident and fluent Polish speaker.

Build a strong Polish language knowledge with this course for beginners.

This course is perfect if you want to:

  • start forming sentences after the very first lesson
  • master real-life situations in Polish language
  • know many everyday phrases and key expressions for your social interactions
  • become spontaneous in discussions

Learn Polish language and achieve your personal and professional goals.

If your partner or relatives speak Polish, learning the Polish language will help you to understand them better, show your respect and love. And your Polish friends will be really amazed when you at least try to understand Polish, and know most important words.

Knowing even basics of Polish can make your visit to Poland more enjoyable. Mastering language basics can help you in making a good impression on your business partner.

If you know Polish you can understand Czech, Slovak, Serbian, Ukrainian and a few more languages.

Content and Overview

In very simple steps you will start with basic words and then move to the next level in minutes! With easy-to-follow instruction and exercises that give you the language to communicate during day-to-day experiences, you will learn the words and phrases you need to communicate with friends and colleagues at home, work or on the street.

This course assumes no background in the language, and explains each new concept clearly with plenty of examples, making it ideal for beginners. This course is packed with natural dialogues, clear grammar notes, vocabulary building, key expressions and notes on travel, culture or cuisine.

You will also get many extras such as quizzes, exercises, and pdf presentations to download. You will be making visible progress quickly and having lots of fun at the same time.

Take this course today and start speaking Polish in minutes!

About the course
What will you learn in this course?
How to immerse into the Polish language - TIPS & TRICKS
How to get the most from this course - YOUR GOLDEN RULES
Polish language essentials pack
TO BE OR NOT TO BE - that isthe question
How the verb "TO BE" change in different persons
THIS IS (TO JEST) - new funny words and simple questions
How to name objects around you

In this lecture you will learn how to distinquishmasculine, feminine and neuter words by their endings. We practice 'To jest +name of the object' structure.

Two ways of asking simple questions

In this lecture you will learn how to formulate simple questions using two techniques: with intonation and with the question word CZY.

Greetings part 1
Practice time: DIALOGUE 1
  • This is a beginners' course and no previous knowledge of Polish is required
  • The language of instruction is English
Что Вы изучите?
  • Learn the basic structures of the language and become more language confident
  • Greet and introduce yourself in Polish
  • Communicate in everyday situations like asking for directions, ordering food at the restaurant or shopping.
  • Pronounce Polish sounds better
Janusz Przychodzen
Janusz Przychodzen
Certified Language Instructor, Learning Hacker, Entrepreneur


Janusz runs a coaching company called MEMOCREO, which specializes in training and coaching individuals and companies in learning languages (speaking and programming as well) using innovative learning methods.

What experience prepared him to teach online?

Janusz graduated from the University of Warsaw with an M.A. in Applied Linguistics and a B.A. in English Language Teaching. He has an extensive experience in teaching languages for nearly 10 years to various audiences including big corporate companies, adults, teenagers and schoolchildren. He acquired his teaching experience both in Poland and in the UK.

Language and life hacking

He focuses on applying innovative scientific learning methods which stimulate memory and learning efficiency. Nowadays he is learning multiple languages such as Chinese, French, Italian at the same time. He strongly believes that learning can be fun!

Remi Dudek
Remi Dudek
Database Analyst, Teacher, Language Scientist

Hi! I'm Remi. I like calling myself a geek and a science curious guy. I love coding and teaching other people to understand computers.

Languages are my second passion, so I call myself a language scientist. I'm learning English, French and Italian.


I ran a successful coaching company called MEMOCREO, where I teach students coding and languages. I love observing how my students are better in fields they desire and open new opportunities for them.

What experience prepared me to teach online?

I've graduated from a top economics university in Poland. I was also studying mathematics and applied electronics where I found love to coding and computers.

I have an extensive experience in databases as worked as a Database Analyst for a big company in Poland for several years. 

Productivity and life hacking

Many years of formal education and my own experiments directed me to this idea: human can learn anything but you need to find a method to make it faster and more effectively. I use many methods to improve memory and apply them with my students.

Time is the only thing we all have the same amount of. But you can have an advantage when you master the way you work to have more time for yourself, friends and family. I will be helping you in learning more effectively because your time matters for me.

I'm very happy to be your teacher and hope to become friends in that learning journey.

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