Курс Play Piano In A Day - Play chords in every key by ear

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О курсе

This course is design to show you how to learn and play the most popular chords to most songs in every key in one day.  Along the way you will learn music theory and have the ability to play your favorite songs by ear as I show you an example of working out a song. The core of the course is showing you the systematic approach that I've developed over the years to learning chords, melodies, and runs. This is the same technique I've used for all my in person students. I will show you what to play and when to play it, so you will be learning and practicing the right way. It's best to block out at least 4 hours of time, because this course is designed to be completed in one day. Therefor hopefully you to only need to watch the videos once. If a 10 year old can learn this material in one day, you can too.

Learning music is actually simple
Acquire music theory skills that you will apply in the following lessons
Time to learn and play chords in every key
You will have the tools necessary to learn any chord faster than you can possibly imagine in every key, as well the chords being taught in this section.Do as I do by watching and practicing with me.
  • Piano, keyboard, organ, or midi controller.
  • Pasion for music.
  • Belief that you will become a great piano player.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Gain the ability to learn and play chords in every key.
  • Obtain the skills to create better sounding songs
  • Learn how to play your favorite songs
Professional Piano Instructor

I have been a self taught piano player since 2002 and have been teaching piano playing since 2009 and professionally since 2011. When I was in school working towards a masters degree in music, I taught classmates who already knew how to play piano the techniques I'd discovered over the years, so they could easily play by ear. When I saw that classically trained pianist were extremely excited with what I was able to teach them in minutes, I knew I had something special. I've been sharing that speciality ever since, and will continue sharing to help people create something great with their musical expression.

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