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This course is about teaching you how to play gospel music by ear. We want you to have enjoy the experience that music brings , joy and beautiful sound. This course is designed for beginners from ages 5 and up. What do you need for this course is a keyboard or piano, internet access, and time and patience to make beautiful music. We will show you how easy it really is once you get the basic musical foundation. Our course paves the way for you to go down the road to play gospel music. Materials include tutorial videos, still illustrations of keyboards with notes to help reinforce the basics of music. We also include still photos for instructional purposes as well as several quizzes to confirm your understanding of music basics. The course starts with basic music theory incorporated with videos to reinforce the music theory to get you started playing piano today. This course is fun and easy and before you know it you will be playing for your own pleasure and satisfaction. You could be playing by the end of this course. Just follow our easy steps from as simple as the alphabet. This course takes you from what are the notes on the keyboard to moving towards playing music and sounding out music via the keyboard and your own memory of music that you may know and always wanted to play. We are committed to teach you to play and the know how and support to get you there. This course is the beginning of something beautiful and that is music. At the end of the course you will be able to play the melody of music you may know. This course was designed to be easily understood by beginners so thats why one should consider this course. This will help you navigate the keyboards, learn they keys,sound them out and start playing after putting it all together. We make it easy for you to start playing today.

Lets Learn The Basics of Music Theory So We Can Start Playing
Identify which keys represent what notes on the keyboard and start their playing journey.
Application of the ABC's of music theory
Now that we have identified that ABC 's of music theory in terms what key are associated with the theory we can begin to apply them and play basic music scales to famaliarize the students with the relationship between the ABC's and the keys
What are the ABC 's of music theory?
The basic music foundation
Application of Basic Music Theory
After understanding the basic ABCDEFG of music we will apply that to playing a basic song to move the student to the journey of playing music by ear.
Lets Put It Together And Start Playing
Apply the basic fundamentals so we can start playing music
Review Practice Practice Practice
Gain familiarity with the music and its relationship with the notes associated with the keys.
Review Practice and Take Your Time Go Slow first.
Will be able to apply basic knowledge and began to play a song
Practice Makes Perfect
Adding a base line to the melody
  • Students need a keyboard to practice with. Recommendations will be made available
  • piano, electric keyboard, Irig Keys with Ipad, piano, organ, usb keyboard, or virtual keyboard
  • achieve success through practice
  • assistance and instructions provide through office hours and goggle hangouts
Что Вы изучите?
  • Develop listening skills with basic music principles to play naturally by ear.
  • Learning how to appreciate the unmatched beauty, genius, and power of music can permanently enrich your life.
  • This can be accomplished by following our step by step process to associate the students with the basic mechanics of the keyboard.
  • The student will be able to utilize the basics music principle to associate sound and the keyboard to start their journey of playing by ear
Mike Fortune
Mike Fortune
Play Gospel Music By Ear

Born in Washington D..C. A professional musician with 50 years experience playing gospel music as well as jazz and r & b. experienced musician on the Hammond organ as well as keyboards and piano. Graduate of American University in Washington D. C. with a BA and Masters degrees. Completed musical education from the Music and Arts institute with an AA. I have played organ on stage with The Mighty Clouds of Joy, a well know Grammy award winning gospel group. I have also played for Tonya Blount, who sang the duet in Sister Act 2 with Loren Hill. I am currently the owner of operator of All Music Radio, an internet radio station. I started this station because he commercial stations don't play some of the great hits in music and since I m a musician, I know what I like and hear what other people like so I started the station in November 2012 and we will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary being on the air with more than 16,000 listeners worldwide. We grow everyday so we must be doing something right. I love music and want to pass that gift on to others. After many years of people asking about lessons and having given some in the past years, I decided to go digital with my lessons in order to reach a greater market of people all over the world thus I started my music tutorial website. The best life you could live is one that has a legacy and that s is what I m trying to do. I love music, it is the spirit of our souls. I love listening to music as well as love playing music. I have used my radio station as a platform for new music from new artists. It has been a joy to play their music and I continue to look forward to add even more artists in the future. I play their music on my station for free even though they do get royalties from the music being paid. I have always been in occupations helping people.I was a police Captain in Arlington, Virginia for 20 years. I have been involved with the funeral industry since 1999 helping people get through critical times in their lives. I want to spread the sound of music through others who learn to play in order for them to keep the movement going.

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