Play By Ear #2: Learn to Play By Ear Easily in 12 Keys Fast

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MEMORIZE the formula for the major scale W W H W W W H
FIND the scale tones for all 12 Major Scales
KNOW how to form the scale tones of all 12 Major Scales easily
IDENTIFY the key of the song by looking at the last tone
USE their ears to play all 12 Major Scales
UNDERSTAND why we need to play different keys for different songs
RECOGNIZE the simplicity of the 7 Tone Scale Music
USE the numbers to practice playing songs in different keys by ear
LISTEN to the melody of songs and play by EAR
PLAY any songs by EAR using the 7 Scale Tone Music
PLAY their favorite songs by EAR using any 12 Keys
SPOT out musical patterns to make Playing by Ear easy
OVERCOME the barrier of getting stuck in Key of C
VENTURE out to play in the Black Keys easily
APPRECIATE the different moods a Key brings to a song
О курсе

Play By Ear Level 2:  Learn to play songs in all 12 Keys with just 1 Sheet!

In the traditional way that we are taught to play with music score, we practically need 12 score sheets to play in all 12 Keys. People need to learn to read music. 

The MAGIC of this course is that you do not need 12 different score sheet, and you do not need to read music to play in all 12 Keys. 

All you need is one sheet written in the 7-tone numbers and you will be able to play a song in different keys. 

You will learn 17 Magic Tips along the way to play in all 12 Keys. 

There is a total of 59 Practices to 19 Songs. 

Here's the Secret: The 7 tone music is a breakthrough and short cut to sight reading music.  It is time-saving for performers to produce music from paper to sound without worrying about key signature. 

  • This number notation is key independent; therefore there is no need to rewrite the music for  different keys.
  • The notation is an easy way for composers to record and communicate their ideas quickly.

  The MAGIC of this POWERFUL 7-Tone Music: 

  • The 7-tone music is intuitive  and effective in  communicating music.
  • It is a music  notation that is consistent, uniform and succinct.
  • You can learn the system in one hour. That´s how simple and easy it is.
  • It allows you to intuitively SEE patterns and many elements of music at a glance.
  • Its simplicity promotes  efficient learning particularly in playing songs by ear.
  • The 7-tone music allows you  to play a given song in all 12 keys
  • You need to become familiar with the 12 scales.

In this Play By Ear Method 2 series, I provide you with many tips and analysis to show you how to take full advantage of this 7-tone music you learned in "Play by Ear Method 1 - Pick out Melody of Songs with 7 tone." It  takes only an hour to learn the system. That´s how simple the system is. You don´t believe me? Tell me about it after you learn the system from me.  Once you have this method, you can spend ONE day to start playing songs by ear in 12 different keys.  This surpasses the learning curve of traditional music that requires you to read music. 

To guide you to use the my number system comfortably, I provide many songs for you to work on, so that you get lots of practice to become proficient with the 7-tone music. By the end of the course, you will be able to even notate your own songs in this numeric notation and play songs in different keys. 

My Play By Ear Method 2 totally simplifies the thought process when you play songs. To me this is most valuable because it frees students from reading the more complicated music staff notation, and helps the student to acquire a QUIET mind to listen to the sounds deeply, to play with ease and with creative freedom.  This is what play by ear is about. 

Level: Beginners to Advanced 

ideo Song Demonstrations: 

I use software-animated videos that show you clearly how to apply the 7-tone music to playing songs by ear. I first demonstrate how this is easily done in the key of C. 

Play Songs Easily in all 12 Keys

What you can do to the key of C can easily be done to any key, even in the more difficult keys such as Db key, B key or F# key. The thinking and application is CONSISTENT in all 12 keys. 

In my videos, using different songs, I show you how to apply the 7-tone music to play songs in all 12 different keys. I purposely also choose some of the harder keys to play in (B, Db, Ab) so that you can see how easy the system is once your thinking is clear. 

Learn to Listen Deeply

A lot of ear training programs want to help us to LISTEN DEEPLY to the sounds. My approach uses songs to help you listen DEEPLY to the tones you play rather than naming the intervals such as M6, m6, m2, M2, m7 or M7 etc. If playing songs by ear is what you want, this is perfect for you. If you want to learn sound intervals and distinguish them, you would have to go for ear training software for those drilling exercises. 

This course is all about playing songs by ear in 12 different keys so that you can play the songs in the key that is in the vocal range for people to sing. 

  Songs in Play By Ear Level 2 

  A.  In Depth study of 8 songs: 

    1.  Happy Birthday 

    2.  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 

    3.  Here Comes the Bride 

    4.  When the Saints Go Marching In 

    5.  God is so Good 

    6. Morning Has Broken 

    7.  I've Been Working On the Railroad 

    8.  Jingle Bells 

  B.  Bonus Songs: 

    9.  Mary Had A Little Lamb 

    10. Kum Ba Yah 

    11.  I have Decided To Follow Jesus 

    12.  When I Survey the Wondrous Cross 

  C.  Extra Bonus Training: Gospel songs for Church Pianists 

    13.  Alleluia 

    14.  Jesus Loves Me 

    15.  Ode to Joy 

    16.  We Wish You A Merry Christmas 

    17.  Today 

    18.  Que Sera Sera 

  Song Challenges for the Advanced Students 

  19.  Somewhere Over the Rainbow - All 12 Keys 

  20. You Are My Sunshine - All 12 Keys 

  21.  My Way - All 12 Keys 

  22.  Auld Lang Syne - All 12 Keys 

  D.  Sneak Preview Song to Level 3 Play by Ear: 

  23.  On Top Of  Old Smokey 

    Come on in and Enroll into this course and join in the fun! 

    Win some prizes along the way! 


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Songs in Major Key - 7 Scale Tones
Know that most popular songs and classical music are based on 7 major scale tones
Major Scale Tones - WWHWWWH

Major Scale Tones move in Whole Tones and Half Tones:

Major Scale:


This formula is good for all 12 Keys

C Key:Melody of songs move around the 7 tones

Play By Ear Tip

Many of the popular songs & classical pieces are based on the Major Scale.

The melody of these major key songs move around these 7 tones:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

The Magic of this 7 Tone Scale Notation - Can play the song in ANY 12 Keys
Understand the EASE of using the 7 tone scale numbers to play!
Happy Birthday Song - 7 Scale Notation - C Key

Follow the video and play along.

Happy Birthday - Key of C

Happy Birthday Song - Key of F using the same 7 Scale Notations
Happy Birthday - Key of FFollow the video and play along.F Key -1 = F2 = G3 = A4 = Bb5 = C6 = D7 = E
  • They need to know Scale Tones
  • Preferably had taken my Play By Ear Part 1: Pick out melody of songs using 7 tones
Rosa Suen
Rosa Suen
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