Курс Pixel Art Master Course - Beginner to Professional/Freelance

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This course teaches everything about pixel art for video games. From the very basics to the advanced techniques. Students will learn about lines, shapes, colour theory and harmony, creating a colour palette, designing characters, backgrounds, items, making animation and even how to start freelancing. You will also learn a lot about game design principles.

If you are new to art or pixel art and want to create better art for your indie games then this course is for you.

This course is always growing with new lessons (you can check the future planned lessons in a document available on the Discord server). If there is a topic that you would like me to cover, you can message me and I will make it. I am on Udemy and Discord server every day so you can easily get into contact with me.

Discord (1000+ members) also provides certain benefits once you reach a certain role on the server such as getting access to exclusive channels. The wonderful community there also provides a place for you to share your work, get feedback or even just hang out and chill with people of similar interest!
and work with other people on game jams (if you want). Yes, even if you want to find game coders and music compositors (or if you're one who's looking for an artist)! There are also indie devs who code and do the art themselves.

This course will strengthen your foundations in art and pixel art. It will build your confidence in your art and give you the information you need to continue improving your pixel art and start making money

By the time you finish the course, you will already have a portfolio for different game genres with practical game design. 

This course has 3 big parts: beginner [B], intermediate [I] and advanced [A]. Each section is marked with a letter inside square brackets at the end of it's title with corresponding difficulty.

I am available on Udemy and Discord every day - to give you feedback, to help you overcome your limits, to help you become a better artist in fun and relaxing way. I'm here for you every step of the way if you need me.

Getting started
How this course works
What software to use? Free or paid?
Photoshop basics
Pyxel Edit
Lines and Shapes [B]
Create clean lines and shapes in pixel art
Challenge 1
  • You need a working PC, preferably with a mouse and a keyboard.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Learn how to create both SIMPLE and COMPLEX pixel art! Objects, characters, environment, animations - ALL of it!
  • Build your own game art with prototypes!
  • Where to find clients, how to talk to them and how much to charge for your work!
  • You will learn to design and animate pixel art for all game genres (e.g. RPG, Platformer, Top-down)
  • Get access to Discord server where you can work on REAL projects (that earn money)
Mislav Majdandžić
Mislav Majdandžić
CEO, Game Artist, Game Maker

I am the CEO of Eksperimental Games, a small indie game development studio. More importantly I am a game artist specialised in pixel art. I've been doing pixel art as a freelancer for years and have been able to make a decent living out of it. Now I want to share my knowledge and experience with others so they can do the same.

Making games is my life. Even in my childhood I was creating new board and card games, so when I finally went digital, it changed my life! I want to share this happiness with others.

I'm here to give you all the knowledge you need for becoming an indie developer, a freelancer or how to get hired. I have a lot to offer and will create new lessons and courses as time goes on. 

I believe it's important to live your passion, but sometimes the road to success is long and hard. I'm here to make it easier.

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