Курс Piano Lessons For Absolute Beginners

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First Piano Lessons - Learn Piano Notes on the Keyboard and Music Staff, and Basic Chords and Scales.

This absolute beginner's course will teach you how to play piano and keyboard. This is the perfect first course and introduction to piano music. You will learn to play the piano from scratch. 
Would you like to play beautiful, entertaining piano music and impress your friends and family? Are you ready to be treated like a celebrity by everyone who hears you play? Or maybe you want to take things further and become a professional player, thrilling audiences all over. If so, you need to enroll in this course
This piano course is for the complete beginner who wants to thoroughly understand the notes of the piano keyboard and music staff, as well as basic scales and chords. It takes you from the very beginning. If you are new to the instrument, this is the perfect course for you
Many piano courses are too advanced for beginners. They delve into advanced concepts that leave you confused. This course corrects that mistake. It lays the foundation you need and keeps everything simple and easy. 
By the time you are through with the various lessons, you will have understood the notes of the piano keyboard and music staff. You will know how to read notes. You will know basic scales and chords. You will have an excellent foundation in piano music and will be well on your way. 

If you're an absolute beginner in search of an amazing introductory piano course that teaches you how to play the piano quickly and easily, you absolutely need this one. 

Here's a preview of what you will learn:

  • The Notes of the White Keys
  • 2 + 3 Black Keys Pattern
  • The Notes of the Black Keys
  • Sharps and Flats
  • Half Steps and Whole Steps
  • Piano Keyboard Layouts/Diagrams
  • Middle C on Piano Keyboard
  • How to Read Notes
  • The Music Staff, Treble Clef and Bass Clef
  • Ledger Lines
  • Notes on the Keyboard and Staff
  • Accidentals (Sharps and Flats) on the Music Staff
  • How to Play Scales on Piano
  • How to Play Basic Piano Chords
  • A Lot More
Introduction to Beginner's Piano Course
Students will know what to expect in subsequent lectures.
Course Introduction
This is where I introduce myself, and tell you what this course is all about and what you can expect in subsequent lectures. By the end of this lecture you will be ready to begin the first piano lesson and introduction to the notes of the piano keyboard. 
The White Keys, 2 + 3 Black Keys Pattern
You will be able to label the white keys of any piano or keyboard.
The White Keys, 2 + 3 Black Keys Pattern
We take a brief look at the musical alphabet. You will learn how to label the white keys of the piano keyboard. You will learn about the 2 and 3 black keys pattern and how they correspond to the location of the notes, C and F. You will be able to label the white keys of any keyboard, irrespective of the number of keys it has. 
Piano Keyboard Layout
This quiz will test you on the layout of piano keys.
The Black Keys, Sharps and Flats
You will be able to label the black keys of any piano or keyboard. You will understand sharps and flats.
Sharps (The Black Keys, Sharps and Flats)
In this lecture, you will learn how to name the black piano keys. You will learn about sharps and flats, with an emphasis on sharps, first of all. You will know all the sharp notes of the black piano keys. 
Flats (The Black Keys, Sharps and Flats)
This lecture focuses on the flat notes of the black piano keys. By the end of this lecture, you will know the  note names of all the black piano keys.
Enharmonic Equivalents
You will learn about enharmonic equivalents and the fact that every black key can have two note names (sharp or flat).
Half Steps and Whole Steps (Semitones and Whole Tones)
You will have a clear understanding of whole steps and half steps (semitones and whole tones).
Half Steps (Semitones)
What is a half step? You will learn all about half steps (semitones) on the piano keyboard and how they relate to sharps and flats. 
Whole Steps (Tones/Whole Tones)
What is a whole step? You will learn all about whole steps (whole tones) on the piano keyboard and how they relate to sharps and flats. You will be provided with examples. 
  • You should have access to a piano or keyboard but you can take this introductory course without one.
  • No prior musical knowledge is required.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Label any piano keyboard. Know the notes that correspond to every key.
  • Understand the notes of the piano keyboard and music staff.
  • Form and play major scales on piano.
  • Form and play major and minor chords on piano.
  • Read notes on the treble and bass clef.
Mantius Cazaubon
Mantius Cazaubon
Musician, Pianist, Music Artist, Author

Mantius Cazaubon is an extremely talented and hardworking musician. He has been playing piano and keyboards for over 20 years and is the author of 14 piano lessons and music theory books, including several Amazon bestsellers. A leading songwriter, composer and music artiste, he has recorded numerous hit songs, won multiple Caribbean music awards and consistently topped music charts. 
Mantius has an enormous passion for teaching and adding value to others. This has led him to create several niche websites over the years, such as piano lessons website, Piano-Keyboard-Guide, where he imparts his musical knowledge and serves thousands daily.

On his new journey as a Udemy lecturer, he continues to over-deliver, and takes his passion to new heights, staying true to his mission of helping, sharing and inspiring others.

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