Performance Nutrition for Cheerleaders

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By the end of this course, you will be able to fully understand the importance of proper nutrition and the positive effects it can have on improving overall energy, strength, and performance as a cheerleader.
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Whether you are currently a cheerleader, parent of a cheerleader, cheerleading coach, or even a former cheerleader, you are most likely familiar with the popular Cheer Debate: “Is Cheerleading a Sport?" Countless data, opinions, and rationales still have yet to produce a clear answer to this question. Nevertheless, cheerleading has proven to be one of the most dynamic, strenuous, physical, and technical activities in the country. Whether you consider cheerleading a sport or not, cheerleaders are true athletes who encompass a vast and unique skillset, one which involves intense individual and team training yearlong.

It is essential for cheerleaders to provide their bodies with the proper nutrients. In turn, they will be rewarded with higher energy for intense team practices; increased muscle mass for stronger, more stable stunts and powerful tumbling passes; reduced risk of injuries; and faster recovery so you can do it all again the next day! This course provides a wealth of information and practical fueling strategies for implementing the best nutrition from tryout season, camp, games, practice, and all the way throughout until the final competition. In addition, you will learn that a winning sports diet consists of several components:

  • high-quality carbohydrates, proteins, and fats
  • proper hydration strategies;
  • energy boosting mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks
  • post-workout and practice recovery nutrition

When these components are incorporated in a consistent manner, cheerleaders are more likely to reach both their fitness and performance goals.

Cheerleaders who are looking for that extra edge to improve their strength, skill-set, and overall performance, this course is for you!

  • Students do not need any materials prior to starting this course.
Ronnie Harper
Ronnie Harper
Co-owner of My Sports Dietitian
Jamie Meeks
Jamie Meeks
Sports Dietitian
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