Paleo Dave Method: Techniques to Master Weekly Meal Prep!

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You will learn the skills and techniques of food preparation that will make you quicker and more efficient in the kitchen.
You will expand your culinary repertoire.
You will learn an approach to weekly food preparation that is unique and practical.
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Whether you are wanting to learn how to efficiently cook more healthy meals at home, eat out less, reduce your intake of processed foods, or are needing to make a significant change in your current diet for health reasons, the Paleo Dave Method is designed to teach you how to think and cook more like a professional chef in your own kitchen.

Through 11 instructional videos, I demonstrate the skills and techniques of food preparation that will make you quicker and more efficient in the kitchen, expand your culinary repertoire, as well as show you an approach to weekly food planning that is unique and practical.

The Paleo Dave Method Instructional Video Series includes:

  • The Paleo Dave Method Instructional Guide, which walks you through the 4 keys to success in the kitchen: Strategy, Skills, Shopping and Storage
  • A Printable Weekly Menu Plan/Shopping List Template
  • Eleven Instructional videos that teach you the crucial techniques and strategies of healthy home cooking (see Curriculum below)
Paleo Dave Method Guide and Weekly Planner
Welcome to The Paleo Dave Method Instructional Video Series!This course is designed to teach the home cook a set of professional cooking techniques and strategies that will make weekly meal preparation quicker and more efficient. The bulk of this course is made up of 11 instructional videos, which demonstrate the various culinary skills and techniques that comprise the Paleo Dave Method. You will also find the Paleo Dave Method Guide (a portion of which is available to preview in this section) that outlines the overall approach to weekly meal preparation that is covered in this course.As you begin the course, I recommend that you first read through the Paleo Dave Method Guide (the complete document is available in Lecture 2, in the Supplementary Materials) in order to get a better understanding of the underlying principles that make up this unique approach, as well as to see how the course videos work together.After reading through the Paleo Dave Guide, I recommend starting with the videos that comprise the Foundation Skills Section (lectures 2-4), and afterwards, then feel free to explore the rest of the videos according to your particular needs or interests. In regards to the videos following the Foundation Skills Section, there is no fixed order to the series (yet you will notice how the videos make reference to each other in a way that ties the skills and strategies that they demonstrate together).Other supplemental materials include My Personal Story, as well as a Weekly Meal Plan Template, both of which you’ll find here in this section.
Knife Sharpening
This video is meant to helpyou overcome one of the greatest obstacles to efficient and enjoyablecooking: dull knives. Working with a dull knife is not only a royal pain, but can actually be downright dangerous. If you arestruggling to make cuts and having to force the knife through theingredients that you are working with, then you increase the likelihoodof accidents—not to mention all the unnecessary wasted effort andfrustration. As you will see, maintaining a sharp knife doesn’t takemuch, and without question, is certainly worth the little bit of extraeffort.
Knife Skills
Aside from keeping yourknives sharp, learning some basic knife skills is one of the best waysto make the process of cooking more efficient and enjoyable. With just afew adjustments to your technique, you can improve your cuttingability, which will make you feel more confident and capable in thekitchen. I highly recommend that peopletake the time to spend a littlemore energy developing their relationship to one of the most importanttools in the kitchen: the knife.
Bone Broth
This particular video walksyou through the process of making your own bone broth. In truth, theutility of this particular ingredient cannot be overstated. Not only isbone broth incredibly nutritious, but it also makes a very flavorfuladdition to any dish. I use it constantly as a base for sauces, soups, acooking liquid for meat and veggies (i.e. braising liquid), and as adelicious way to deglaze the pan when sautéing or stir frying. Theprocess of making bone broth couldn’t be simpler, and it’s a fantasticway to utilize vegetable scraps and the left over bones from other foodprojects that you would otherwise throw away.
Roasted Garlic Paste & Roasted Onions
This video is a guide tomaking two of my favorite ingredients for enhancing the flavor of anydish, which are both staples of my weekly culinary repertoire. Theprocess of making them is very easy and once you have them made, theycan save you a lot of time throughout the week as you prepare individualmeals. Instead of having to peel and cut garlic or onions every timeyou want to boost the flavor of a particular dish, you can insteadquickly add a couple scoops of either one, or both, of these flavorfulingredients and then keep on cooking without missing a beat. Besides,the process of roasting really adds a tremendous depth of flavor to bothof these ingredients that can’t be gotten otherwise.
Quick Meats
This video is a guide tousing cuts of meat that can be quickly cooked at a moments notice,particularly when you don’t have other proteins already cooked off, oryou simply need to get a good meal on the table in a hurry. As you watchthe video, you’ll notice that the technique of cooking each cut of meatis essentially the same—season, sear, and finish in the oven at hightemperatures for just a few minutes. Once you have a grasp of thetechnique, and a good idea of the kinds of meat that will work with it,you can use what you’ve learned over and over again with a variety ofdifferent meats, which will keep you, and you’re loved ones, fromgetting bored.
Veggie Prep
In this video, I demonstratethe process of putting together three really simple, quick, and yet,very flavorful vegetable dishes. Ultimately, the particular vegetablesused in each dish are interchangeable, and the point of the video isreally to highlight the three different techniques that I use—themarinade, the quick braise, and the basic sauté. Again, as I said withthe video on quick meats, understanding how the technique works willgive you a basis for experimenting with a wider range of differentingredients, which will ultimately make the dishes that you cook moreinteresting. Since vegetables play such an important part of a healthydiet, it’s really good to have a diverse repertoire of techniques forcooking them.
The basic methods of searingand baking fish are covered in this video. The techniques that Idemonstrate here are some of the quickest and easiest out of the entireseries. Every example that I include in this video can be prepared inunder 20 minutes, which is why this set of recipes is included in thequick cook techniques category. Knowing how to prepare several differentfish recipes is a great way to keep variety in your weekly meals,particularly when you need a healthy protein source in a hurry.
  • Access to a kitchen
  • Basic cooking supplies (i.e., knives, sautee pan, baking sheets, stock pot, cutting boards and mixing bowls)
  • An interest in making your process of cooking more efficient
  • You do NOT need to be Paleo to benefit from this program!
David Cooley
David Cooley
Chef and Cooking Instructor
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