Organizational Design

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One of the most basic building blocks of organizational success is appropriate organizational design. What do we mean by that? It is the design of authority and responsibility. One should always know who is his/her manager and who are the subordinates. But is it that easy?

In the first part of the course, we will talk about basic challenges in organizational design, which are mostly about finding the right balance. Hence, we will try to belance centralization vs decentralization, mechanistic vs organic structure, and standardization vs mutual adjustment. This approach states that all of the previously mentioned balance choices should be tailored to the sources of uncertainty that our organization is facing.

In the second part of the course we will lay focus on the design of authority in organizations. We will talk especially about tall hierarchies - which are the ones with many organizational levels. These can have serious problems as will be displayed in Parkinson´s Law Problem.

Finally, we will get to concrete organizational structures that our organization can understake. We will begin with the most basic functional structure which later on evolves to one of divisional structures. We will cover the main ones here as each posseses specific characteristics. After all, we will bring some interesting ones such as network, hybrid or network structure. Looking forward to see you inside!

Basic Challenges in Organizational Design
Introduction to Organizational Design
Differentiation and Division Of Labor
Vertical and Horizontal Differentiation
Differentiation, Integration and Subunit Orientation
Centralization and Decentralization of Authority in Organizations
Standardization and Mutual Adjustment in Decision Making
Mechanistic and Organic Structure
Contingency Approach to Organizational Design
Section 1 Quiz
Authority and Control in Organizations
Introduction to Authority and Control
  • We recommend watching our Introduction to Organizations course.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Analyze design of organizations around them.
  • Solve basic challenges regarding authority and control in organizations.
  • Recognise various organizational structures.
Robert Barcik
Robert Barcik
Business Lecturer

Robert Barcik is a founder of MeanThat, the educational platform that helped more than quarter million students to learn efficiently. In 2014 he got inspired by KhanAcademy and created his first own videos and after placing them on YouTube he reached a global audience in a heartbeat, all eager to learn! Several universities and as well MBA students from all over the world started to use the videos for their lecturing.

With this, he jumped the educational train and in the upcoming months became a university lecturer and developer of Flipped Teaching with a focus on Marketing, Organisational Theory and Business. Along with that, Robert is a Business and Data Science graduate at Swedish Dalarna University. Here, he cooperates with the educational institutes to promote an innovative ways of teaching.

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