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Double or even triple what you are earning right now and finally keep 100% of your income because you are independent
Cut over 10 different time leaks in your business, such as scheduling, lesson arranging, preparation and cancellations
Use free and easy online tools to deliver outstanding online lessons
Run your own independent tutoring business and work from anywhere
Get paid faster with a clear payment system and T&Cs
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This course covers software tips, business strategies and marketing techniques to help online teachers boost their income and cut out the most common wastes of time and money.

Deliver amazing online lessons to paying students around the world

In this course, I am going to show you:

  • How to deliver outstanding 1-to-1 online lessons with the perfect materials, no matter if you find them online or offline
  • Exactly how to find the right tools for free so you spend as much time as possible teaching and getting paid
  • A system for recruiting new customers so you will never have complaints, hassle and frustrations with students again (yes, contracts!!)

Online training is one of the fastest growing and most fascinating industries in the 21st century economy. From CEOs to five-year-olds, the world is catching on to online lessons and you have the chance to break free and become a teacher on the cutting edge of technology.

  • You will be able to work from anywhere
  • You'll get to make meaningful connections with students around the world
  • You'll get to teach your favourite topics whenever you want
  • You'll work independently: No boss, no set hours, no earning limit
  • You don't want to waste 50% of your earnings by giving them to a tutoring agency. You don't want to be told how and what to teach. In this course, I will take you through my tried-and-tested processes to help you build a business that works for you.

    Start by discovering key tools and how online teachers can use them: Skype, Evernote, Google Docs and many more are FREE and at your fingertips. I will discuss my own set-up to help you build your teaching system without a penny of investment.

    In the next section, you'll discover how to stand out as a professional teacher and eliminate cheapskate or timewasting students. Learn how to write terms and conditions that help students be happy, not angry. And discover my 5 Step Booking Process so your students will always turn up and pay you.

    Finally, the Marketing Section of this course will give invaluable tips on how to set your prices, how to promote yourself and what an online teacher's brand really means.

    Here's what my real students say:

    I am extremely pleased with Kerstin as a tutor. We use FaceTime and Google Docs (and occasionally Skype when FaceTime is uncooperative) to communicate between Lancaster, England, and Houston, Texas. I am learning and making progress and I am excited about it!

    If you would also love testimonials like this one, then don't hesitate and discover my Online Teaching Tricks today.

    I promise you will become more productive, more confident and more profitable in just a few days or your money back!

    How to get the best out of this course
    Welcome to this course, helping you to save lots of time, teach happier and earn more money online through simply sharing what you know. In this lecture, you'll get to know the course structure and learn why online teaching is awesome.
    New to Teaching? Start here!

    If you have not started teaching online yet, then start here. These five questions are designed to get you thinking about how you can get started quickly and earn money the right way.

    Infographic: The 5 most important questions of online teaching
    This infographic will help you get a deeper understanding of the five important questions I covered in the previous video. Don't forget to post YOUR answers in the discussion here on Udemy.
    Delivering Great Online Lessons
    In this section, you will get to know all the tools required for planning and delivering outstanding 1-to-1 online lessons.
    Skype, Google Hangouts and FaceTime: Which one should you use?
    Get to know the free tools of the trade: Skype, Google Hangouts and Facetime. This video introduces all three and guides you on which one is right for your lessons.
    Think Video Chat is the only way to teach? Think again!

    In this lecture, you will rediscover the value of two old favourites: Instant Messaging (IM) and Audio-Only sessions. These are in no way signs of a "lesser lesson", so watch the video lecture and join in our discussions to find out more.

    How to Create and Share Materials using Cloud Storage
    Stay organized and save with online data storage solutions that will keep you organized and relaxed.
    Do your students lose the links and emails you send them? Here's a better way.

    A demo video showing you how to create a new Google Doc and share it with your student, and how to share a whole set of course materials easily through folders.

    Save and share websites with Evernote Web Clipper or Pocket

    This video demonstrates the Evernote Web Clipper, a whole new alternative to simply emailing a link to your student. Give them a shared notebook or folder where they can always find new materials.

    Here's why you do not have to give up on textbooks - even online

    Online teaching doesn't mean that you can never use offline materials. Here are some ideas on how to introduce good text books and have them serve you and your students.

    • No online teaching experience required, the course takes you through all technology options
    • You should have a strong desire to share your skills and knowledge in online lessons
    Kerstin Cable
    Kerstin Cable
    Language Learning Coach, Writer, Online Tutor
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