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Discover amazing Udemy Courses in a totally unique way
Find the Best Udemy Instructors and their Courses!
Master Holistic Search - Drilling down into a Universe of Courses instead of throwing search darts at the algorithmic dart board!
Find and compare Courses on Similar Topics by a range of instructors irrespective of the limiting framework of traditional search
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This is THE Course every Student and Instructor on Udemy must have!

Are you a Student struggling to find the best course to solve your pain or problem?

Are you an Instructor trying to create really engaging and competitive courses?

How can you quickly and easily find the best Courses?


A quick word on Pricing - I have deliberately priced this course very low to make this information available and accessible to as many people as possible. Please tell your friends about this course!


The main drawback with traditional search methods is that the results are dependant on and skewed by:

  • Search Algorithms
  • Search Engine Optimisation variations between courses
  • And FUNDAMENTALLY - Knowing what to search for!

How can you in put a search term if you do not know exactly what you are looking for????

There has to be a better way!

There is - that is exactly why I created this course, probably the most difficult course I have made to date!


The KEY is the VISOKIO OMNISCOPE which you can download for free as I have created all the data files in the right format for you to analyse and research.

I have identified over 18,000 courses in the Udemy Market Place which I provide for your analysis. This is not a complete list, as I have not hacked the Udemy site, but is a strong representation of the courses available


Now you can look at the whole Udemy Market Place on one page and drill down to find what you are looking for! Its not difficult

In this Course you will discover:

  • Why Holistic Search beats more traditional approaches
  • The dangers of unconscious incompetence
  • How Students can benefit from the course
  • How Instructors can benefit from the course
  • What Data is included in the Data Set
  • How to download the Visokio Viewer from Visokio's website
  • How to open it and load the data file
  • A full tutorial on the Omniscope Viewer (complements of Visokio themselves)
  • How to search in the Omniscope Viewer
  • How to explore Udemy Categories
  • The Top 100 Udemy Instructors, by various criteria
  • The Top 100 Udemy Courses, by various criteria


What Jerry Banfield, Leading Udemy Instructor has to say about this Course!

"Very effective for learning more about Udemy in just a few minutes

If you want to learn more about the Udemy marketplace and love data visualizations, you might have the same experience I did here. I figured I could give this course at least 15 minutes today to skim through and see what John came up with. In just 15 minutes I learned a lot about Udemy I did not know such as what courses are the top and I discovered a lot of instructors I had never heard of that have top courses on Udemy. In just a few minutes this course was helpful for me in motivating me to continue working on Udemy and learning more about what works to get students and grow here. Thank you John! There is a TON of depth here in the course if you go through and download the program and data sets on John offers. I may give this a shot when I am done filming my lectures!" 5 Stars


This course is very hands on! I show you how to use the Omniscope - an amazing piece of data visualisation software - and provide you with the data files so that you can do your own analysis!

The VISOKIO OMNISCOPE is the Differentiator

You will not find another course like this anywhere in Udemy!

  • How are you going to use this information?
  • To improve your course selection?
  • To find new courses, topics and instructors?
  • Or perhaps you are an instructor, looking for new Topic areas to create courses in!

Information is Power - I have handed you the information - use it wisely!


Disclaimer: The Data Set in this Course does not contain every course on Udemy! I have done my best (and continue to do so) to compile a data set of as many Udemy Courses as I have been able to. There are over 18,000 courses in the data set as I launch and I hope to increase this number over the coming weeks!


So, what are you waiting for!

Discover Courses and Instructors in a way you never have before! Enrol Today!

(Don't forget the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain!)

See you in the Course!

best regards


Introduction to this Course
You will gain an initial understanding of the course and be introduced to the Udemy market place
Welcome to my Course!This is the Course that EVERY Student and Instructor on Udemy has to have in their portfolio!You will never look at Search for Courses and Instructors in the same way again!Check out my Free Preview Lectures and you will see what I mean!
Please Introduce Yourself
Welcome to the course!Before we get started, it would be great if you could take just a few minutes to introduce yourself!
How Many Courses Are There In The Udemy Marketplace?
Lets start by taking a look at how many Courses there are in the Udemy Marketplace (November 2015).The number varies depending on how you search for them.I have identified over 90% of them, provided by 8,888 instructors (yes, that really is the number!)Update Jan 2018: There are now over 40,000 courses and its increasing by the day!
Why You Need This Course - Students and Instructors Alike!
Discover WHY this is a much better way to search the Udemy market place and the benefits of learning how to do this with the Visokio Omniscope
Introduction to Why You Need This Course
In this section, I want to explain why every Student and Instructor in Udemy can benefit from this Udemy Course Directory.
What is the Visokio Omniscope?
What is the Visokio Omniscope?The 21st Century way to carry out data analysis on complex data sets.Its ideal for handling our analysis of the Udemy Marketplace.How much does it cost?Well, the software licence which I have is very expensive (its an enterprise SAAS tool) but the Omniscope reader, which you need to read the Visokio .iok file I have created for you, is absolutely free!
Why This is WAY BETTER than SEO!

Traditional Search relies on you asking a question, the algorithm finding an answer and the quality of the search engine optimisation of the data you are searching.This means there is considerable room for error.Let me explain why the Visokio Omniscope is a much better tool for Data Search and Analysis than traditional "old fashioned" methods!

The Dangers of Unconscious Incompetence!

How can you search for something about which you know nothing?You may "assume" that you know enough to ask the questions but what happens when you don't know what you don't know - thats "Unconscious Incompetence" and its a very real problem in search.The Good news is that I have a solution to this for you!

Why Students Benefit From This Course

This course is packed with benefits for Students - helping them find the BEST instructors and the BEST courses for them.You don't have to take my word for it.The data is all there and you can customise your own search without being reliant on search algorithms, search engine optimisation or guessing at search questions.This really is the one Udemy Course EVERY Udemy student should have in their course portfolio.

Why Instructors Benefit from this Course

Instructors need to know the market place they are selling in back to front and upside down if they are going to create excellent and competitive courses.But who has the time? Right?Wrong!Now with this course, using the Visokio Omniscope and myUdemy Market Place Dataset, you can do your market place research easily and super fast!What is stopping you now?Every Instructor needs this information and now you have it!

What Data is Included in the Data Set

This lecture explores the content of the data set and explains exactly what is available (at the time of producing this course) in the dataset.It also explains that while you have the full functionality of the Omniscope at your finger tips, due to the terms of the Visokio Omniscope licence, you are not able to change the data nor can you print or export from the Omniscope reader.

  • Download the Visokio Omniscope (for free) - but don't worry that is all explained and covered in the course
  • Download the data files provided in the course - again easy to do and explained in detail
John Colley
John Colley
Copywriting | Webinars | Investment Banking | Online Courses
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