Nutrition Mastery: All You Need To Know About Fats

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Discover The Truth About Fats & How We've Been Misinformed By The Media
Learn Everything There's To Know About Fats
Learn What Your Daily Fat Intake Should Be
Know The Relationship Between Fats & Fat Loss
Learn The Truth About What Makes Us Fat
О курсе

As far back as the 1970’s, the government first told us to follow low-fat diets and to minimize saturated fats. We were told this would reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, high blood pressure, and everything in between. Yes, the next few decades, despite eating less fat, obesity rates sky rocketed…   

  • This turnout created even more confusion than before.  
  • Was fat all that bad?
  • Does fat make you fat?    
  • Which sources of fat are “okay” to eat?

Hey, I’m Paul Salter, Registered Dietitian, Sports Nutritionist, and Weight Loss Expert. The past few years, I’ve helped more than 700 people 1:1 transform their lives, while collectively losing thousands of pounds of body fat and building hundreds of pounds of muscle. And during this time, I’ve received hundreds, if not thousands of questions related to fat. 

This reason, coupled with the fact that media has continued to lead us astray, is why I’ve created an online video course that separates fact from fiction and details everything you need to know about fat.

In this video course…    

  • I’ll break down the key differences between unsaturated, saturated, and trans fats and share what you need to know to about each to better your health, physique, and performance  
  • I’ll place emphasis on the essential fats, or what you may better know as omega 3 and omega 6 fats, detail why you need one more than the other, and tell you how you can make that happen   
  • I’ll guide you in choosing the optimal type and amount of fat for your health and fitness goals, and share the many benefits fat offers
  • After viewing this course, no longer will you feel confused about fat or wonder whether or not the fat you’re eating is healthy
  • Программа
    You'll learn the history of fat in media & medicine as well as the functions of fat
    In this section, you'll learn the types of fat
    In this section, i talk about the essential fats & the recommended daily fat intake
    • A Willingness To Learn
    Paul Salter
    Paul Salter
    Registered Dietitian and Founder of TNT Nutrition University
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