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This course empowers you to use nutrition to feel great, to look good, and to love your body. Develop an understanding of what macro and micro nutrients do in your body, how much water and how many calories you need daily, how to choose the best foods, read labels, get cooking and shopping tips, develop a healthy mindset and more. As Certified Nutritionists, our aim is to give you a solid and in depth foundation of nutrition so you can live you best life and develop a healthy relationship with food.

Understand the importance of water intake and know you individualized amount of water intake each day
Why is Water Important?
This lecture will answer the questions: Why we need to be drinking enough water each day
How Much Water Should We be Drinking?
Learn how to figure out your individual water needs
Tips to make your water drinking go much smoother
Using a Trigger
A great and easy way to keep your water intake up
What are Macronutrients and why will we be learning about them
Learn about what protein is, why it is important and how much we should be eating
  • No prior knowledge needed! This course will help you build a solid foundation from scratch.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Eat for optimal health.
  • Know your personalized caloric need and macro-nutrient breakdown.
  • Grocery shop with confidence.
  • Understand your body's nutritional needs.
  • Know how macro and micro nutrients work within the body.
  • Develop a great mindset to make healthy change easier.
  • Improve digestive health.
  • Cook healthy meals with confidence (2 week meal plan included).
  • Improve blood sugar management.
  • Know your individualized water requirements.
Joshua Graham
Joshua Graham
Nutritionist, Mindset Coach, Personal Trainer

I am a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP), Personal Trainer and Mindset Coach based in Toronto, Canada. I used to be overweight, depressed and with a collection issues until I decided enough was enough and took action to change my life. Before this shift used to be a marketer at Deloitte in Toronto and found my health and happiness slipping so I decided it was time to follow my passion of health and fitness. I went back from school and graduated from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition with first class honours. I also became a Level 2 Crossfit Coach, a Level 2 MovNat Trainer, a Functional Range Conditioning Movement Specialist (FRCms) and now integrate all this knowledge into my training programs including principles from Ido Portal and StrongFit courses. I have also become an Advance Psych-K Facilitator which gives me the ability to help people make massive mindset shifts by aligning their subconscious mind with their conscious goals. I was the head CrossFit Coach at a CrossFit gym here in Toronto for over two year until I decided to pursue my own business of working with clients through nutrition, in-home personal training and mindset work. I now run a business with my wife Lauren called Graham Wellness where we create programs together and work with clients to help them make lasting changes to their health and lives. I love helping others make healthy shifts in their lives whether it is through nutrition, fitness or mindset – the greatest gift we have is our body and the better care we take of it the better life is!

Lauren Graham
Lauren Graham
Spiritual Life Coach, Nutritionist, Energy Healer

I am a Spiritual Life Coach, a Nutritionist, an Energy Healer, a Soul Reader and a Channeler. I am the author of the Loving Partner Journal and owner of Graham Wellness with my husband Josh Graham.

I love teaching people how to love themselves, live a vital and healthy life, connect with their Spirit, and embrace their whole self (body, mind, emotions, spirit).

I support people by helping them find self-love, satisfaction and overall well-being in life. I connect to Spirit, the Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Teachers, and energy to help people grow, release old negative energy and patterns, live a high vibration life and to heal on all levels.

I also work with my knowledge of nutrition and partner with my husband, a personal trainer, to help people embody their most vital physical self.

I help you discover how to empower yourself, live your best life, and thrive on all levels: body, mind, emotions and spirit. You are incredible and have it in you to shine with love!

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