Курс Nutrition For Addiction Recovery |Diminish Withdrawal/Urges

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This course includes:

  • Why nutrition is important in recovery
  • How you can use it with other rehabilitation programs to boost success
  • Research-based articles showing why nutrition is vital in recovery
  • Step-by-step videos showing you what nutrients to take
  • Discover what foods to eat for desired results

This course includes easy to follow instructions, step-by-step videos and many articles that take you by the hand on what nutrition you should include in your recovery efforts. 

Introduction & Course Overview
Understand what this course is all about and what you can gain from it
Importance of Nutrition
We need to be physically prepared when quitting. It makes it so much easier. Quitting becomes easier when you are in good health, and when your brain and body is not experiencing dramatic fluctuations of highs and lows, of dopamine from your drug of choice. Key nutrition helps to stabilize our mood, and how we feel. It also lessens the intensity of cravings and urges.
Course Overview
There has been lots of research showing that proper Nutrition does many things for us, improving our mood, keeping us healthy and helping us to feel better, naturally. These are all good things. But what many do not know, or even consider, is the affect nutrition has on us being able to manage urges, moods and lessening withdrawal symptoms. This video will guide you through this course.
Why Nutrition For Addiction Recovery?
Understand Why Nutrition Should Be Used In Addiction Recovery
Why Nutrition Should Be Used
In this video, you will see why nutrition is important in recovery and how it boots success, especially when used with other evidence-based programs.
Key Points
We must focus on the biochemistry of addiction to bring greater success with our recovery efforts. Addiction  impacts our healthy choices, by pushing healthy behaviors to the side, because it becomes priority, but it also affects the body’s utilization of nutrition overtime. 
How Nutrition Works
In this video, you will learn about the link between nutrition, health and behavior
Key Nutrients and Anticipated Behavioral Change
In this video, I show you the attached document titled "Key Nutrients and Behavioral Change".
Nutrition Planning
How to avoid certain nutrients that can cause cravings and urges for your drug of choice.
  • No prior health or nutrition knowledge is required
  • If you are under the care of a medical professional, please consult them first before making any lifestyle changes.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Have a greater understanding of nutrition's role in addiction recovery
  • How key nutrients can assist in diminishing cravings, urges and withdrawal symptoms
  • A step-by-step way to implement nutrition into one's diet
  • Evidence-based and evidence-supported nutritional guidelines for those in recovery
A. Scott Roberts, M.S.
A. Scott Roberts, M.S.
M. S. Rehabilitation Counselor, CRC

A. Scott Roberts is a practicing rehabilitation counselor and taught at a major university. He earned his bachelor's degree in psychology, minored in sociology and earned his master's degree in rehabilitation counseling. He has worked in a clinical setting, taught face-to-face and online courses throughout the years. 

A. Scott Roberts is also the product developer and creator of the Truth of Addiction program that has reached people in 120 countries. He has a passion for creating valuable interactive content, authoring books and training others to live more fulfilling addiction free lives.  

Over the last few years he has focused on helping his clients not only manage addiction, but to thrive and flourish in life by creating unique website content that allow his students to understand their potential through self-exploration and assessments.

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