Nutrition, Fat Loss, and Calories - 2017 Update Course

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Create Your Own Custom Macros for a Fat Loss Plan
Calculate the Calories you need to be in a Deficit
Calculate your TDEE, and maintenance to Customize your plan
Learn How to Modify your personal plan based on your preference for Fats or Carbs
Learn why You Don't NEED a Coach - (Or Do You?)
Explore your options when choosing a Deficit that fits your goals
Define how you want to look
Set your Goals to achieve the Physique you've always wanted
The Power Of Motivation, and Willpower - You NEED These
The 1% Rule of Fat Loss
Diet's DON'T Work: I'm Sorry to Tell You
Thirst: The Often Overlooked Variable
О курсе


Every single day, people pay hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars for cookie cutter plans and programs that are not customized to YOU. 

Have you ever wanted to

  • Build your own Weight Loss Plan?
  • Calculate your Macros based on foods you enjoy?
  • Learn to customize your own Fat Loss Plan and stop paying hundreds and hundreds for cookie cutter plans that are generic by their very nature?
  • Wanted to Apply a Nutrition plan to your lifestyle to lose fat?


This course is designed to help people who:

  •  Struggle with losing weight
  • Find it difficult to stay on a consistent plan
  • Lack Motivation to Lose weight and keep it off!
  • Think that Losing Weight is "too hard" or "impossible"
  • Have failed a "fad Diet" in the past
  • Want to save Money by creating their own Weight Loss Plan vs paying a coach to do it
  • Have always wanted a plan to show of their hidden abs!

Hiring a Coach or buying a Cookie Cutter Weight Loss Plan costs anywhere from $50 up to $500 A MONTH. For just a FRACTION of that price, you can take my course, have it for the rest of your life, and enjoy a 30-day money back guarantee! The value provided in this course will 10x your return in no time!

It doesn't matter where you start or where you are currently, you can create a plan yourself! Even if you have little to no experience with Macros and Nutrition, this course is intended to give you all the details and the step by step process to create your own program. 

You don't have to rely on someone to build your Plan. The BEST way to do it is creating one yourself. You know yourself better than anyone else does. You know what you like to eat, how you like to eat, and you can use that information and the information I'm providing you to succeed in achieving your goals.

Topics You'll Learn in my Course:

  • STOP Paying For Cookie Cutter Programs!
  • ACTUAL costs of Coaching revealed
  • Why you DON’T NEED a Coach (or do you?)
  • Macros, IIFYM, and the 80/20 Rule: Defined
  • TDEE: Simplified
  • Pre-implementation Week
  • Real World Macro Math - Learn How to Figure out your Macros by tracking your food!
  • Macros based on YOUR goals
  • Calculations for Macros: Formula based and percentage based: Which is Best? What to Do with all those Numbers?
  • Choosing A Deficit: Very Important
  • Bro, How Do I Macros?!
  • Problem Solving for Common Macro Issues
  • Carbs or Fat: Choose your destiny!
  • The 1% Rule of Fat Loss
  • Learn My Own Macro Range Plan to CUSTOMIZE your own specific Lifestyle plan: Beyond IIFYM
  • SET YOUR GOALS! Write it down, or it didn’t happen..
  • All About Body fat Percentages
  • Find Your Motivation
  • Willpower: Don’t waste the finite amount you have
  • Hunger vs Thirst: Important Distinction!

Snapshot of My Courses:

  • My courses have almost 5,300 people enrolled in them from over 120 different countries around the world! 
  • More than half the reviews are 5 STARS
  • I offer one completely free Course you can enroll in: "Understand Nutrition: Stop Wasting Time with Fad Diets"
  • After you enroll in this course, you will continue to receive updates as I continually update, improve and add to this course.
  • All the future Bonus content I add will be automatically yours!

I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes

There is never a convenient time to start. START NOW OR START NEVER.

Click on "Take this course" now to begin your journey towards your goals! 

I look forward to helping you every step of the way.

Every Day, #OneBetter

Nick Helton

Start Here! Welcome to My Course!
You will learn about your instructor, and what to expect from this course as a whole at the end of this presentation!
Welcome! My Name is Nick Helton, CSCS, and I will be teaching you this course! Here you will find information on me and on this course as a whole! Welcome to: Learn How to Create your own custom Macros plan for fat loss!
Real Quick, HERE's some bonus frequently asked questions! Keep learning!
Who Am I?
You will learn who I am, How I used these techniques to lose over 30lbs, and how you can too!
What Will I Be Learning?
We start with my favorite quote. In this short video, I talk about the course, what you should expect, and all of the value you will be receiving in the lectures to come! 
Everything I Wish They Would Have Taught me in School: Part II
In Part II of my series, you will learn how to Calculate your macros, how to figure out the deficit you need, problem solving for your macros, setting goals, using willpower, and finding motivation!
This Section is all about cookie cutter plans! This lecture serves to educate you on why you should stop wasting your money on them! They are all over the internet. I want to show you why you shouldn't waste your hard earned money. By taking this course, for a fraction of the price of these plans, you will be able to make your own custom plan and make changes to it long term!
Cookie Cutter Plans
True or False
Let's Define Some Terms!
Terms: Defined. IIFYM, Macros, Macronutrtients, protein, fat, carbs, maintenance calories, caloric surplus vs caloric deficit, the 80/20 rule, calories for each macro, and more.
Calories For Macros
Let's reinforce this idea.
Custom Options for Macro Plans, Pre-Implementation Week, and TDEE!
Choose your custom Macros plan! This will show you one of many ways to calculate your Macros using a real world method, a TDEE (total daily energy expenditure method), and a simple math calculation. I go over in detail how to do it!
  • Recommended: Inexpensive Food scale
  • Smart Phone App to Track Macros
  • A willingness to try a new system and exceed your goals!
Nick Helton, MPT, CSCS
Nick Helton, MPT, CSCS
7,000+ Students, Physical Therapist, The TravelPhysio
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