Курс Learn How To DJ Without Equipment | Easy 10 Step Guide

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Do you want to mix your favourite tracks but don’t have and DJ equipment?


Now you can!


This is The No Equipment Needed DJ Course


An introduction to Djing without having to pay for any equipment or software!


This course will teach you the basics of Djing using completely the free downloadable software, Serato DJ Lite.




We use the keyboard on your laptop in the same way as you would use the buttons on the DJ decks.


- Play/Pause


- Pitch Bend


- Hot Cues


- Loops


Allowing you to create some awesome mixes just by using your laptop


It will also teach you;


- How to arrange your library in the software


- How to use the short cuts on your keyboard to DJ


- Teach you to understand the structure of electronic music and how to read the tracks waveforms


- How to beat match 2 tracks together and get them at the same speed (this section also includes 2 free practice tracks that you can download and use to help you master the beat matching skill)


- How to time 2 tracks together and mix them smoothly


- How to use the hot cue and loop functions for more creative mixes


I have over 10 year experience djing all over the world and I try and fit as much of that experience into this course as possible. So you too can start your own DJ journey!


I hope you’re excited to get started!


Firstly check out the demo mix I have done using the skills that you will learn on the course.


Then we can get straight into the DJ tutorials and take the first step on your path to becoming a DJ!


See you on the course!

  • No experience needed to start this course
  • A laptop with a keyboard ;)
  • macOS Catalina 10.15 - macOS Mojave 10.14 - macOS High Sierra 10.13 - Windows 10
Что Вы изучите?
  • Scroll down now to Course Content and watch the Bonus Mix for free. This shows you all the awesome techniques and skills you will learn on this course!
  • How to easily use your keyboard on your laptop the same way you would use the buttons on the decks
  • How to analyze your tracks and arrange your library to help you select the best tracks
  • How to time two tracks correctly to have perfect transitions
  • What all the buttons and visuals do on your software
  • How to set your cue points and use them in more ways than one
  • How to use the Rule of 32 in modern day music
  • How to use the under-utilized loop feature to be more creative
  • Learn the old art of beatmatching and how to use the new sync feature for faster mixing
  • Learn at your own pace and rewatch the lectures as much as you like
Jak Bradley
Jak Bradley
Professional International DJ

I have been a Professional Dj for over 10 years, DJing all over the world, including Australia, Greece, France, Thailand & The UK.

My most recent residencies have been in the party resort of Malia, Crete for summer '18, and soon to be '19. DJing at the biggest events and Clubs every week.

I have designed a course from scratch to teach other DJ's my methods and techniques, so they too can learn and start their own DJ journey.

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