Курс Naturopathic Nutrition Diploma: Health and Wellbeing

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О курсе

This naturopathy course has been designed as a rejuvenation programme that will help you to transform your lifestyle and improve your health. You will gain invaluable tips for nutritional diets that can improve health and wellbeing and ensuring that you are in the right frame of mind to make these lifestyle changes.

This course is led by Emma Jones Phillips and Steve Phillips combined experience in this field of over 30 years. They have helped thousands of patients transform their lives with this rejuvenation programme and overcome various disorders such as eating disorders, addictions, infertility and skin disorders.

Enrol on this course today and notice how subtle changes to your diet and mindset has amazing effects on your lifestyle and health!

Learning the Basics of the Naturopathic Nutrition Lifestyle
At the end of this Section students will have a deep foundation of knowledge about the naturopathic nutrition approach and many tips to apply to start gaining results
Different diets and what works for you
At the end of this Section students will understand which foods rejuvenate and which foods create stress in the body
  • Basic understanding of nutrition, or an interest and eagerness to learn
Что Вы изучите?
  • Apply nutritional tips that will have long lasting effects on your health
  • Get in the right mindset to make such positive changes to their life
Steve Phillips
Steve Phillips
Director of the School of Naturopathic Nutrition

Steve helps conscious business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals to live the life of their dreams with his 12 month Warriors of Peace Conscious Network.
Steve is an Award Winning International Speaker, Naturopathic Nutritionist, Author, former international rugby player and monk.
He is the Director of the School of Naturopathic Nutrition and the Founder of The Warriors of Peace Network. He has appeared on TV and radio as the expert and alongside greats such as Joe Vitale (The Secret), Brian Tracy, Don Miguel Ruiz (The Four agreements), Jason Chan (Hay House) and many others.
Steve has also learnt from many gurus from Eastern philosophies, and more recently starred in a personal development film in Las Vegas called “Becoming the Keys”, the trilogy of films has many stars from the hit film the Secret.

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