Music workout practice for tune players, quick, easy & fun!

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you will be able to listen, copy, and reproduce what you hear
you will get a great one-hour workout/practice
you will have more fluidity in your playing
you will think quickly, react quickly, and play what you want rather than using your familiar patterns
you will learn to control your instrument rather than let it and muscle memory make you play the same stuff as you always play
you will be taken to new musical areas as these licks will be unfamiliar
О курсе

This works for all melodic instruments including voice. 

This is a musical workout, building your music muscles - like training at the musical gym.

Ear training is essential. We all want to get our playing as fluid as whistling don't we?

Recently I've been teaching call and response workshops based on ancient and modern African farmers and their field songs.

These work songs and field hollers were, and are, a way of coping with hard physical work.

Now they are embedded in many musical traditions and we are going to use this concept to increase the fluidity of our playing.

I will play a short simple phrase over one or (mostly) two bars and you copy.

That's it.

I'll repeat the phrase until I imagine you have got it.

If you find the early stages too easy either play

  • a harmony with the same rhythm
  • a phrase opposite to what I'm playing - an answer to my question
  • something which mirrors and opposes the dynamics
  • an octave above or below

If it's all too easy play through a few times, give it a great review and get yourself a refund!

But please let me know if this is too easy, about right or too hard.

I'm using 'iRealPro' in this course and all the backing tracks are freely available.

If you have any objections please let me know and I will deal with it.

Ben Hewlett is a very experienced music teacher who is able to be very patient and methodical. 

Take one course and learn your favourite tune. The try another. Remember you can always get your money back if you wish but otherwise you have lifetime access to the course.

Imagine how amazing it will feel when you whip out your harmonica and play this tune – your friends and family will carry you shoulder high in triumph. Hopefully they don't carry you out of town and dump you in the river, but hey, swimming's good as well.

The health benefits of playing the harmonica are well documented – google it. Your lungs get exercised, your lung capacity increases, aerobic movement is good for you, playing music makes you smarter they say. 

You will have fun on your own and with your friends, and more oxygen to the brain will make you think you are having a good time so it's all good.

The Copyright and Rights in Performances (Research, Education, Libraries and Archives) Regulations 2014 (extracts)

The Library of Congress broadly give the same view.

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Fair dealing with a work for the purposes of private study does not infringe any copyright in the work.”

Any recordings used in my courses represent less than 5% of the entire work and are already in the public domain on YouTube.

Any written transcriptions are written by me or my team to promote the work and the artist and to facilitate students who want to learn more about their music.

Any audio backing tracks are written and recorded by me or my team to promote the work and the artist and to facilitate students who want to learn more about their music.

Promo and teaser movie
Here is the promo and trailer video
Introduction to the course
Simple swing blues
Simple Blues play along
New Orleans groove
Simple blues groove Nola style
Jazzy Bossa
A bit ofjazzy blues
Easy reggae rhythms
Simple reggae riffs
Here's another groove, a bit straighter
Oye Como Va
Latin groove
Beautiful Van groove
  • You should be able to play your instrument well enough to copy my simple phrases
Ben Hewlett
Ben Hewlett
Let me turbocharge your harmonica playing to the next level
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