Music Theory Vol. 2: Scales and Chords

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At the end of this course students are going to be able to identify the main types of chords and scales.
If you are already playing chords you may find some new chords and you may incorporate them to your playing.
You will understand how to construct the different scales and get familiar with how they sound
О курсе

Are you studying music and want to understand scales on a deeper way?

Do you want to learn about basic chords in music?

This course is dedicated to understanding scales and chords.

If you understand the basics of the music language, this course is for you, you do not need to be an expert you just have to know the name of the notes, rhytmical figures and intervals.

This course is the number 2 in the Music Theory Series and it is focused on these topics:


  • Major Scale.
  • Natural minor scale, Harmonic minor scale, Melodic minor scale.
  • Major Pentatonic scale, Minor pentatonic scale.
  • Blues scale.


  • Major, minor, diminished and augmented.
  • Major 7 and Dominant 7.
  • Minor 7 and Minor Maj7
  • Suspended 4 and suspended 2.

You will be able to listen all of these scales and chords because after each explanation the instructor plays them.

This course has more than 1650 students already enrolled in this course and has been rated with 4.68 stars from 5 in Udemy, this is what students are saying about this course:

  • "IIse is thorough and is a very knowledgeable experienced teacher. I have learned so much from not only this course but from her other courses as well. I appreciated how she explained and show the difference between eg Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor & Melodic Minor Scale. Also explaining 3 notes, 4 notes & Sus Chords, also through notation. I love the way this lady teaches music."  (5 stars)

  • "This teacher is excellent!! Don't miss any of her classes! She's thorough, she's professional, and she's first class all the way!! You will learn the right way with her! " (5 stars)

Join this course today and enhance your music theory knowledge.

Welcome to this course
1 Triad
Learn what a triad is and why is so important to know.
2 Major Chord
Learn your first type of chord, the major chord.
3 Minor Chord
Understand the minor chord structure and learn to construct it from any note as its root.
4 Diminished Chord
Understand the diminished chord structure and learn to construct it from any note as its root.
5 Augmented Chord
Understand the augmented chord structure and learn to construct it from any note as its root.
6 Maj 7 Chord
Understand the major seventh chord structure and learn to construct it from any note as its root.
Dominant 7 Chord
Understand the dominant seventh chord structure and learn to construct it from any note as its root.
  • The basic music theory knowledge as name of the notes, intervals and basic clefs is necessary.
  • A good internet connection is necessary in order to have access to all the videos.
  • A desire to go deeper into music theory and understand more about scales and chords.
Ilse Lozoya
Ilse Lozoya
University Professor, Piano Teacher, Course Designer.
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