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Have you completed a Grade 1 certificate or want to move on from elementary knowledge of music theory?  Maybe you have completed the Music Theory Level 1 course and you want to progress from there?

This is an informative course which will equip you to read music at Grade 2 level of the ABRSM standard.  For a Grade 1 student, it is an opportunity for you to learn new time signatures, explore and learn new scales, learn new performance directions, develop knowledge of chords and  analyse short pieces.  The quizzes provide some fun and are of benefit as they give you an opportunity to test what you have learned each step of the way. 

This course also prepares you for Grade 2 music theory exam and you can use it alongside the ABRSM syllabus to gain a greater understanding of music theory at this level. 

With your prior knowledge of music theory at Grade 1 standard, this course is a natural progression from Grade 1.

Identify, read and write new major scales
They will be able to identify, read and write the scales of A, Bb and Eb majors
Identify, read and write new harmonic minor scales of E, A and D
They will be able to identify, read and write the new harmonic scales of E, A and D
melodic minor scales of E, A and D
melodic minor scales
  • It is recommended for students who have completed the Music Theory Level 1 course; beginner singers and instrumentalists who want to develop their knowledge of music theory and have reached grade 1 standard in music (based on ABRSM standard)
  • students must have sufficient knowledge of musical terms up to grade 1 standard
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  • how to identify, read and write new time signatures, scales, ledger line notes, triplets, how to work out the key of a piece, and performance directions for Level 2
Stephanie Antoine
Stephanie Antoine

As a teacher and a performer, I have taken part in a number of concerts and I have been able to encourage budding musicians in their efforts to develop their musicianship. 

I have taught students who have wanted to take music exams and have also performed in local concerts.  As a music teacher and performer at Ealing Evening Music School, I taught young beginners and was part of the orchestra there.  I teach descant recorder and piano and prepare students for music exams currently.

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