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This course is about to change how you think about music! Whether you’re a ear-player, hobbyist, or beginner, this course will help kickstart your understanding of everything you didn’t know you needed to know about music theory. 
This course is for those who are looking for an easy transition into learning Music Theory who don't want to be overwhelmed by all the extra and unnecessary content provided from other courses.  Through my perfected methods in teaching High school music for over 8 years,  I will take you through all the beginning concepts and help you learn the fundamentals of music theory.  In 10 efficient and highly valuable lessons, we will cover reading notes, rhythm, accidentals, semitones, scales, and key signatures.  Trust me, you will learn a lot!  

At the beginning of this section, students will be able to read notes, rhythm, understand how music is organized, and identify key signatures.
The Staff and Note Names

Learn all about how the staff became the medium we use to create music on everyday. Explore how notes are positioned on the staff and more importantly, how to name them.

Note Duration and Rhythm

Learn how rhythm works through discovering how note values are applied to music. This lesson will explore counting and the concept of measures.

Time Signatures

Time signatures help us figure out how the music is organized and felt. This course will cover these structures in more depth, preparing the learner to understand some of the intricacies of musical performance.

Ledger Lines

Learn how composers place notes on the staff when they need more range than the five lines and four spaces. Examine how ledger lines are used and what is required to read them.

If we didn’t have rests, music would sound pretty terrible. Explore how composers use silence to create interest and what each rest symbol represents.

Music wouldn’t sound as intricate as it does without the ability to change notes slightly to get more variety of sound. This lesson will cover what accidentals are and how they are applied to music so they can be played by musicians.

Semitones and Whole Tones

As an extension from the accidentals lesson, discover how two notes can create new musical elements called semitones and tones. Explore how these concepts become integral when creating more complex structures such as scales, intervals, and chords.

Major Scales

Building on knowledge from previous lessons, this course delves into creating the ever-popular major scale that is found in music everywhere in the world. Discover how to build major scales using tones and semitones and why they are important to musicians.

Key Signatures Part 1

Key signatures are found in virtually every piece of music. This lesson will go over how to identify, write, and label key signatures as well as how they work and why we use them.

Key Signatures Part 2

There are many ways to think about this complex concept. This lesson acts as a supplement to help you fully grasp what key signatures are.

  • Students do not need any prior knowledge to taking this course
Что Вы изучите?
  • Read music
  • Draw major and minor scales
  • Identify key signatures
Daniel Vrancic
Daniel Vrancic
High School Music Teacher

My Story

I was like you.

I really enjoyed playing music but understanding it beyond reading was something I struggled with. Over and over, I would practice to memorize, perform, and later forget.  I always wondered how others could just play off the top of their heads or figure out a song without even looking at the music. I knew that music theory was important but it was hard to learn and my teachers didn’t seem to know the right thing to say to me.  It was really frustrating.

My passion for the subject carried me through highschool and I studied saxophone and piano privately.  I prepared my audition for University and enrolled as a first year music student.  I was so eager to finally figure everything out.  Well, there was a catch.  I needed to know more theory only this time, the pace was much quicker and I was getting left behind.  I spent days upon days figuring out concepts using any resource that was made available.  I went to office hours, found smart friends, and signed out textbooks – all with the hope of something clicking for me.  This process took years before I found my way to clear musical understanding.  It was hard work.

But now I am on the other side.  Now I can look at everything I overcame objectively and I ask myself, was all that grunt work really necessary?  Was there an easier way?

I decided to go into music education to become a high school music teacher.  I began compiling resources to help others.  Gradually over the years I became very good at anticipating questions and helping students understand complex ideas.  Why? Because I had to learn them myself in what seemed like a million different ways.  Years and years of music classes helped me refine my practice to a fine art but it’s really been the years following that which have CHANGED EVERYTHING.

Teaching students that may or may not have interest in music theory was one thing.  What I wanted to do, was bring my revelations to those that were like me.  Those that wanted to learn how to understand music but didn’t know where to turn or where their next step was.  It was people like us that I shifted my attention to.  I asked myself, what is the best way I can teach an engaged learner to become an expert at theory if they just walked in the classroom knowing absolutely nothing?  This question is what prompted me to spend over 2 years crafting an answer to and what I came up with is a masterpiece of 27 heavily researched and logically structured lessons featuring a wealth of high quality learning resources and supportive community to achieve this ambitious goal.  I came up with the Music Theory Complete Course (only available at Music Theory Lessons).

This course would be a one way ticket to expert level understanding for a reasonable price so that in the long run, people like us would end up saving significant amounts of money and time.  I knew that if I had a course like this in front of me, I would have signed up immediately to avoid all the headache reaching my goals the hard way caused me.  Now that I had this tangible course in front of me, I had to let people try it.  Once they did, I began getting terrific feedback.  I had students telling me that my explanations were so clear and my visualizations were what really put the concepts into their minds.  I was told that if they only had learned theory like this, they would have saved themselves years of frustration!

I felt great being able to help so many people.  I knew that what I had worked.  I knew that I could help so many people with learning music theory!

Reality Check

This course will require work to be done on your part.  If you are of the mindset that just by watching the videos and not doing the assigned work nor practicing sufficiently before moving on is going to get help you reach your goals, this isn’t the course for you.  I will teach you the quickest most effective route I know to advanced music theory understanding but you have to meet me half way.  I spent years working, researching, scripting, recording, editing, planning, designing, and investing to make this the best course for my students, I need you to put the work into doing the necessary work to get you there.

Want to know the best part to all of this?  You can take this at your own pace!  You will have purchased a life-time of music education that you can keep coming back to over and over to refine your skills or learn something new.

I’m just going to come out and say this.  I’m not a businessman.  I am an educator.  I teach.  I find joy and excitement from seeing the success of my students.  My first priority is making sure you feel like you are getting the value I am talking about.  If you’re not happy, I’m not happy. Why?  Because I wanted to create a course that absolutely works.  I want to you to be successful so if I am not the right teacher for you, you have a week to let me know. It’s important that my students are happy and I will keep working on improving the experience to ensure the best learning environment for everyone.

You’re ready to enrol. You’re ready to learn.  You have the focus, the passion, and the dedication to be successful and I will take you there if you let me. If you feel like you’re ready to take real action in your musical ability – if you want a convenient and engaging path to your next musical goal – then start learning Music Theory with my Kickstart course.  Stop letting the confusion of the theory control your enjoyment of playing music and I’ll see you in the first lesson.


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