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This course of instruction covers the grade 5 ABRSM theory syllabus in full. Within the syllabus you will be shown the basic principles of music theory covering key areas which will enhance your understanding and lay the foundations for study at higher levels. The learning modules cover cadences, chords, clefs, composition, key signatures, modulation, ornaments, SATB, technical names, time signatures and transposition to name but a few. The majority of the course is delivered via video tuition. However after each module you can test yourself with the end of section quiz. Some of the modules also have links to additional information and worksheets. This course will provide you with a fast track opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge to pass the graded theory exams. This knowledge will open up many doors for aspiring musicians. If you acquire a certain amount of understanding of the 'nuts and bolts' of theory you will be able to learn to read music with ease. Having an understanding of theory will increase your opportunities of playing music with others. If you read music you can join local groups, bands or orchestra's and enjoy playing with like minded musicians. If you need to gain your grade 5 ABRSM theory exam or if you just wish to brush up on your theory knowledge, this course is for you. ABRSM currently works in over 90 different countries around the world so there is probably the opportunity for you to sit an exam wherever you maybe in the world.

Welcome and introduction
This introduction outlines how best to study this course and how to make use of the additional resources available.
Hi, I'm Michael Luck and this lecture gives me an opportunity to explain how to use this course and to make the most of the resources provided.Introduction
GRADE FIVE - Cadences, chords & clefs
At the end of this module you will have an understanding of the cadence, chords & clefs
Cadences are used at the end of phrases and passages of music. In this module you will be studying the perfect, plagal & imperfect cadence.
Chords can be in root, 1st & 2nd inversion. In this module we will be looking at all three.
This module studies both C clefs namely the alto & tenor clef.
Cadences - chords & clefs
In this quiz you will be tested on cadences, chords & clefs.
GRADE FIVE - Composition
We will be looking in detail about composition in this module
Composition - overview
At the end of this module you will have an understanding on what is required when answering the composition question in an exam.
Composition - example 1
This module looks in detail at a typical question and provides key ideas on how to provide your answer.
Composition - example 2
This module looks in detail at a typical question and provides key ideas on how to provide your answer.
In this quiz you will be asked questions on how to compose an eight bar melody.
  • This course provides information on the basic fundementals of music notation from grade 1 to a higher level of grade 5. It is recommended for those new to the subject to work through grades 1 to 4 before attempting grade 5.
Что Вы изучите?
  • Work with, understand and use the following musical notation:
  • Cadences
  • Chords
  • Clefs
  • Composition
  • Eharmonics
  • Ic - V progression
  • Intervals
  • Key signature chart
  • Modulation
  • Grouping of notes
  • The orchestra
  • Ornaments
  • Rests
  • Re-write rhythm
  • SATB
  • The major scale
  • The minor scale
  • The chromatic scale
  • Simple & compound time
  • Technical names
  • Time signatures
  • Transposition
Michael Luck
Michael Luck
Founder of Music Theory Online

I have been teaching music theory for over 30 years. As a peripatetic music teacher I have helped students of all ages with their theory studies. I can help students studying with any examination board but I mainly teach the ABRSM syllabus. I play saxophone and flute and gained a DipABRSM certificate in performance during 2008. Over the last eight years I have been teaching theory 'one to one' via the internet to students around the world. At present I teach in the UK, Ireland, Australia, USA, South Korea, India, Singapore and Sweden. I have recently started teaching the new LCM (London College of Music) popular theory syllabus. This syllabus is now often used as a prerequisite to enter performing arts universities. I am also a WJEC (Welsh Joint Education Committee) examiner marking the GCSE exam papers in Wales UK.

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Music Theory Grade 5