Курс Music Theory for Pop and Rock Musicians

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Do you want to VASTLY improve your effectiveness in a band setting? If so, this course is for you!

Developed as the result of nearly a decade of teaching, "Music Theory for Pop and Rock Musicians" focuses on the ESSENTIAL theoretical knowledge needed to prepare you for a contemporary music setting as quickly as possible. 

Rather than the traditional classical theory method, which focuses on stave notation from the outset, this course instead starts with the fundamental building blocks of Western music, such as the major scale, building chords and the Nashville Number System. This enables you to put that theory into practice IMMEDIATELY and will provide a strong foundation on which to build stave notation onto (though it is not covered in this course). 

You will learn how to apply this theoretical knowledge to a band environment as we discuss how to play almost any song in any key, how to ensure a song is well suited to the vocalist's range and how to be mindful of the frequency spectrum as a band. 

This method of teaching music theory has been hugely successful across many age brackets over the last decade. Why not sign up and see for yourself!

  • It is helpful to have a knowledge of the note names on your chosen instrument, but not essential.
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  • By the end of this course you will learn key principles to vastly improve your musicianship, as well as understanding how to play almost any song in any key!
Dave Betts
Dave Betts
Music Director and Tutor

Dave graduated from the Academy of Contemporary Music in 2008, before working as a Music Director for a church in England for 6 years. He coordinated the five bands, played, taught, toured, and trained teams around Europe. During this time he studied a part-time degree at the Open University. 

In 2014 Dave moved to Canada to study a full-time degree, but continued to train musicians, coordinate bands and in his final year, worked part-time as the Music Director for a church. Dave and his wife-to-be, Sharaya, are about to move to Regina, SK, Canada where Dave will work as the Music and Creative Arts Director for Rosewood Park Alliance Church. 

Post-Secondary Education:

Diploma in Contemporary Performance - The Academy of Contemporary Music (UK); BA(hons) Leadership and Management - The Open University (UK); Bachelors in Biblical Studies - Millar College of the Bible (Canada).

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