Music Theory Extended Bass Volume 1 Beginners Basic

5.0 (6)
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2.5 часа курса
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Чему вы научились?
The student will be able to recognize all notes, time signature, keys, charts or in other words, all the tools to begin his career and to play.
Able to play every note on the 6 string bass fingerboard and associate it with the bass clef.
Able to count the music in the pro way.
Recognize the bass clef and have expanded knowledge of the extended range and the notation.
Able to recognize musical charts and know all important signs as segno, repeat sign, coda etc.
With this workshop the student will be able to continue to the next course in this topic.
At the end of the workshop the student will be with strong theory and practical experience.
О курсе
  • This workshop is focused on the 5 & 6 string extended basses 
  • Learning the seven notes with colors and associate with the piano and the bass fingerboard.
  • Learning all basic things in the music as: bars, time signatures, notes & durations, circle of fifths, bass notation 
  • Chart guide and music signs to help the student and follow the chart with all music signs as: segno, coda, repeat signs etc.
  • Articulations & dynamics helps to understand the notes with the specific accent
  • Models and choices for the student how to count the music in the professional way 
  • Learning to work with the metronome as a professional and resolve all rhythmic problems
  • Rhythm & music examples or solution how to read music slow and understand every note
  • Learning all notes and subdivision as dots, rests, whole note, half note, quarter, sixteens, triplets & syncopation
  • Covering 6 the string bass and resolve all problems with positions, notation and range.
  • Full instrument coverage step by step, note by note.
The Seven Notes In The Music
Here I cover the first important thing in the music the notes. For better understanding I use colors.
The Notes On The Piano & 6 String Bass
In this lesson I make parallel between the piano keys and the instrument. This can help to any bass player from 4 to 6 strings.
Music Theory Part I
Here I cover all important things about the music as:Pitch, Piano Range, Standard Tuning Frequency, All Bass Ranges For 4,5 & 6 Strings, Intervals, Minor & Major Seconds and association with the fingerboard.
Music Theory Part II
Here I cover the staff, The 2 clefs Treble & Bass, Bar, Time Measure, LInes In The Signs in The Music Charts, Beat & Off Beat.
The Cycle Of Fifths
Here I cover all keys and guide how to go over the process. Here I focus on the simplicity.
Signs & Forms Part I
Here I focus on all signs that we have to know once we began to read a music chart. Repeat sign, Segno, Coda etc.
Signs & Forms Part II
Here I cover one example of complicated chart with all signs and guid how to follow all signs.
Articulation and Dynamic can improve and help to develop specific style. If we play jazz and there is no Jazz articulation its difficult to play specific in this style.Here I focus exactly on this issue. The Dynamic is very important today. One note we can play with low volume and high volume. The Dynamic make this difference.
  • No need knowledge only Bass Guitar 5 or 6 String Bass and good motivation.
  • Require any product that can watch videos and can open PDF files : iPhone, iPad, Laptop, Desktop
Vinnie Venkov
Vinnie Venkov
The Life is Like a Jazz You have everything inside
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