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In this Audio Course you will be introduced to the music production  aspects, using Ableton Live. You will begin this tutorial by learning  how to set up your DAW then transitioning into midi, audio recording and  settings, exploring how Beats are made, why Ableton is so up to date in  terms of creativity and freedom hence the two different modes, Session  View and Arrangement View both covered thru out this tutorial, you will  learn to create, arrange, mix and master you own songs, ending  everything on one important aspect, which is, often, neglected,  exporting your Audio.   

Intro video.
Audio Interface Setup
Connecting your Audio Interface and having the best setting your PC(or  MAC) can handle is something every producer is faced with; you will  learn how to use your sound card (audio interface) how and what cables  to use, how to, very important, take care of your monitors when  installing everything and many more insights into the basics of audio  setup. 
How to Record Midi
In this tutorial we are going to have a look at how to set up your midi controller with Ableton Live. 
How to Record Audio
This episode is essential for every Music Producer, since we are  covering how to record Audio, simple shortcuts that can help you move  more freely around your DAW, using the correct audio cables for your  audio interface.   
How to Make Beats
After you set your audio interface, you know the basics of recording  midi and audio, it’s time to put everything together, and what better  way that creating some Beats and Melody. Of course a bit of midi theory  but just enough to have a greater understanding of how and why things  work in Ableton Live. 
Session View
Essential facts in regards to how to get the most out of Ableton Live.  Session View is one of Ableton’s greatest feature as you can easily make  musical improvisations and arrangements without worrying about time  signature (to much), and come up with amazing compositions. 
Arrangement View
The Arrangement View is a great way of getting your songs polished and  have a better understanding of how things are in regards to the  timeline, measure volume, tempo and so on. 
Optimizing your Audio Interface
In this part of the tutorial we are going to cover a few aspects that  might help you optimize your audio interface even more. (and a bit of  more theory) 
Creating your first Track
Exploring sampling, melodies, live instruments, sidechaining and so many  more creative musical ideas, a real treat for every upcoming Music  Producer. 
Arranging Your First Track
One essential part in every great song is the Arrangement, once you’ll  see how we transformed our song from a “static phase” into the  arrangement, you will surely have a better comprehension in regards to  your music productions. 
Mixing Your First Track
Working with the track we composed and arranged in the previous parts we  are going to explore the aspects of mixing everything together,  exploring different styles of EQ-ing, compression, panning,  sidechaining, volume controller, delays, depth of field and many  important tools to have in your arsenal for every music producer. 
  • Basic knowledge of Ableton 10 and it's functions.
  • You will need a computer capable of running any DAW - preferably Ableton 10.
  • You will need an internet connection to watch this videos.
Что Вы изучите?
  • You will learn how to make music in Ableton.
  • You will learn more about what audio Interface you should pick and use and why.
  • You will learn more about audio and MIDI recording.
  • You will learn how to make beats in Ableton.
  • You will learn more about Ableton's session view.
  • You will learn more about Ableton's arrangement view.
  • You will learn how to optimize your audio Interface.
  • You will learn how to create and arrange tracks in Ableton.
  • You will learn how to mix and master tracks in Ableton.
  • You will learn how to export audio from Ableton.
W. A. Production Academy
W. A. Production Academy
What about making your sound better?!

WA Production is sound-design label that has been founded by Redhead Roman in 2014 in a small country based in the central Europe called  Czech Republic (also known as Czechia).

This label was built from nothing – no investments, no funding, no big  team of experienced people, nothing. Yet here we are - playing the lead  role in the sample pack industry in just a few years. All of this has  been only possible thanks to the enormous support from thousands of  producers all around the world. 

Everything we have achieved, we want to give back to producers. That  is why we are releasing hundreds of free sample packs, FL Studio  templates and even plugins. That is why we are creating tutorials, audio  courses and releasing useful blog posts on a weekly basis. All of this  belongs to our Fans and Community. You deserve it!

Welcome to WA Production – the world’s greatest source of free  Content and quality Sounds and Plugins for Electronic Music Producers.

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