Music Production - Designing Audio Logos

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Develop a unique sounding audio logo for your own or clients brand. This audio logo will help you stand out in the marketplace, plus give your brand a sonic identity.
Teach you how to use audio, sound effects and synth instruments together to create an effective audio logo.
О курсе

Boost Your Brand by Creating an Audio Logo Music Production

Tap into the niche market of creating Audio Logos. In this course from composer/sound designer Gary Hiebner will guide you through the music production process on how to create your own audio logo within your respective DAW’s. This will cover creating your own sound effects, such as hits and whooshes. Then onto how create tonal and sequencer patterns to build up memorable chords and melodies in your logo. And finally he’ll show you how to mix, master, and export out the audio and embed it to the video logo.

Course Content includes:

  • Importing Video into your DAW
  • Creating Markers for important areas in the Video
  • Adding Hits and Sub Hit sounds
  • Creating your own Whoosh sounds
  • Adding in Sound Effects to accompany the audio
  • Using Reversed sounds for Builds
  • Embellishing your logo with Sparkle sounds
  • Adding Tonal color to the Logo
  • Using Pulsing sequencer patterns to create rhythm and movement
  • Applying Mixing processes to the audio
  • Exporting the finalised audio and embedding it to the video

What You'll Get From This Course:

  • Step-by step instructions on how to get started with the creation process of building an Audio Logo in your DAW.
  • Easy to follow on screen examples of how to create a complex sounding Audio Logo music production.
  • Tips & Tricks from an experience composer and sound designer 

Course Goals:

At the end of this course you’ll have a good understanding on how an audio logo music production is created. And you'll be able to use the same steps to build up components in your audio logo to build up an interesting and complex sounding audio logo.

Getting Started with Audio Logos
In this section I'll get you all setup so that you can begin creating your Audio Logo
Introduction to Creating Audio Logos
In this lesson I introduce myself as a trainer and give a brief explanation of audio logos and how the help your brand.
Assignment 1: Research Other Audio Logos
In this assignment we look at other audio logos and see what sounds they have used. You will explore some other audio logos and make some notes on why they work.
Previewing an Audio Logo
We take a quick look at the audio logo we'll be designing to give you, the student, an idea on the scope of this course and what we're aiming to create. 
What You'll Need for this Course
In this lesson we cover what you'll need from a software side to complete this course. This includes the Digital Audio Workstation, software synths, and sound effects that can help in the design process.
Working with Video
In this section you'll learn how to add video to your DAW, and what's going to be important when working to video
How to create an animated logo
If you don't have an animated logo to work with, I show you how you can easily create an animated logo using a simple video editor software to get you off the ground with audio logos. If you already have an animated visual logo you can skip this step.
Importing Video into your project
This lesson takes a look at how to add a movie into a DAW so that you can sync your audio to it. Adding a movie into your DAW will help you sync the audio with the logo.
Assignment 2: Importing your Video into your DAW
This assignment will test your knowledge on importing video into a DAW. You may be using a different DAW so please consult your manual on how to import video if you don't know how to.
Making Markers for Hits and Scene Changes
This lesson takes a closer look at creating markers in your project as guides for scene changes and sound design elements like impact hits and fade outs. These are key points for creating interest in your audio logos.
Finding the Tempo for your Audio Logo
Finding the right tempo for your project can change an audio logos feeling and mood. In this lesson I show you how to line up a marker in your movie onto a bar change, plus we look at how editing the tempo changes how the logo plays out.
What are Markers good for?
This question will test your knowledge on why we use markers in an audio logo project
  • Students will need to know how to use a Digital Audio Workstation, plus how to import video into their DAW
Gary Hiebner
Gary Hiebner
Sound Designer and Music Composer
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