Music Master Plan: From Music Theory to Music Career

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Create a personalized master plan and map out specific short and long term goals to achieve your music dreams.
Build a support team to help you realize your goals.
Select the right music teacher to maximize your potential as a musician.
Form powerful habits to maximize your practice and rehearsal times.
Make practice, rehearsal and performance times more effective to your overall development as a musician.
Eliminate stage fright.
Perform professionally as a musician.
Understand solid music theory fundamentals.
Understand rhythms, meter, counting, and time signatures.
Know and recognize important clefs, notes and intervals.
Know and recognize important scales and the circle of fifths.
Know and recognize important triads, arpeggios, and chords.
Read and write music on any staff.
Launch a professional career as a musician.
О курсе

Music Master Plan is a beautifully crafted online course encompassing 3 sections: Foundation, Music Theory, and Fulfillment, comprising 8 lessons. Each lesson takes an active role in the formulation of a complete master plan from the foundation up, comparable to the formation of a magnificent building's architecture. The first section introduces the 3 primary steps to success, analogously forming the foundation of any secure structure and the basis of any successful music program. The second section reinforces the structure with 3 pillars of fortitude, providing students with strong, technical and theoretical skills needed to strengthen every musician's master plan. Finally, the last section develops the final 3 elements of a strong roof, enclosing the entire edifice to complete the massive master piece and augment every musician's dreams with fulfillment. Students will learn what it will take to lead a career as a successful musician if he or she chooses or just live a fulfilling life of musical enjoyment. In either case, students will be left weaving a tapestry of solid habits and disciplines as the formulation of an architectural master piece culminates into a pinnacle of success.

Music Master Plan's interactive component is designed to integrate students with teachers and parents, synergistically enabling them to transcend today's competitive musicians. Parents, teachers, and other mentors who consistently play an active role in the student's routines and education create an environment where students can combine hard work, discipline, dedication and persistence into a formula of success. Music Master Plan will not only teach parents and students how this process is accomplished but serve as a catalyst in motivating and inspiring students to propel them beyond typical thresholds of complacency, quintessentially responsible for suppressing most musician's progression.

Music Master Plan's 8 comprehensive lessons are replete with engaging videos, interactive activities, fun quizzes, and ample bonus materials. The curriculum is designed for beginning music students of all ages, but tailored particularly for students ages 8 through 18. The colorful, fun lessons keep students engaged in the learning process with colorful charts, diagrams, concept maps, and quick reference guides. Each lesson is chock-full of helpful tips, how-to's, and activities specifically designed to help students retain valuable information to augment their studies.

Music Master Plan employs a blend of traditional learning techniques with an innovative new approach to education. This is first accomplished by watching several entertaining animated videos for each lesson. The objectives taught in the videos are then reinforced through fun, hands-on activities and interactive worksheets designed to bring students, teachers and parents together, stretch the student's thinking, solidify core curricular subject matter and practice difficult to grasp, key concepts. Each lesson is followed up by a quiz to reinforce and retain relevant information with real life application, leaving students with a feeling of confidence for the skills they have mastered. Finally, ample bonus materials and cheat sheets accompany most lessons to reward hard work and give students valuable, tangible material they will come to rely on for years.

Get a strong grip on the fundamentals that will make your Music Master Plan strong. Learn how to set goals and track your progress. Identify mental blocks and how to eliminate them.
Music Master Plan Introduction

This introduction gives an overview to this comprehensive program that teaches students and parents everything they need to excel in their musical pursuits. This carefully designed program aims to help students achieve their dreams. This is a lofty goal, and one which takes the active cooperation of the parents as well as the child's music teachers. The road to living your dreams can be long and complicated, and Music Master Plan teaches you how to get there.

Parents are the most important members of the success team, but they can't do it alone. Excellent music teachers are requisite to the student's continued success. Even so, the task of educating a child is huge and daunting. Music Master Plan is a much-needed supplement and survival toolkit for any and every serious music student. You may already have the tools you need to succeed. We will teach you how to use them. If you don't have them yet, we'll help you get them.

Winning with Music Master Plan

Winning isn't magic. It's a habit. Music Master Plan is a carefully designed online course that teaches students how to integrate fundamental success patterns and long term goals into lifelong enduring habits. Music Master Plan's broad curriculum covers everything from setting realistic, fundamental goals, to mastering music theory concepts that will give each student a head start in his or her musical pursuits. While the curriculum covers everything from beginning to advanced topics, Music Master Plan breaks down each concept to progressively build upon earlier concepts, teaching them in ways that make it fun and easy to understand. Music Master Plan is also not exclusively restricted to the procurement of music skills alone, but additionally reinforces indispensable life management skills pertinent to students of all disciplines. In addition to acquiring explicit skills and knowledge, students will also build a personalized winning team of teachers, parents, and mentors who will continue to teach, motivate and inspire throughout their lives. The acquisition of continued education and mentoring is requisite for any victorious candidate of music.

While most private teachers focus solely on building technique, Music Master Plan covers curriculum mostly taught in college programs and in the professional music world. While it is imperative for students to continue their private music lessons, Music Master Plan serves to provide a missing critical component that will accelerate a typical student's progress far beyond trivially attained mediocrity. Without the proper training, structure, and discipline reinforced through Music Master Plan, perspective musicians are left destitute from the essential skills and disciplines found in today's professional musicians. Music Master Plan narrows this disparity by providing each student with a personalized master plan and team uniquely tailored to meet the student's individual needs, ultimately proving crucial to winning the crown of musical achievement.

Foundation Introduction

In this first section, you will get a strong grip on the fundamentals that will make your Music Master Plan strong. Learn how to set goals and track your progress. Identify mental blocks and how to eliminate them. Discover the basic components of success as you begin to sketch your very own Music Master Plan.

You will:

  • Identify your dreams
  • Form specific goals and a timeline of action
  • Start converting dreams into reality
Your Music Dreams

In this inspiring lecture, get a taste of the many delectable possibilities that await you as you pursue your music studies!

This segment includes:

  • A detailed breakdown of the many benefits of studying music
  • A list of opportunities available to you
  • A method to help you search your soul and begin weaving your dreams to the sky and beyond!

Gain awareness of the thoughts you think every day—from one moment to the next. Some of these thoughts are motivating, while others are self-defeating.

In this lecture:

  • Learn what self-defeating habits that hold you captive and get you down
  • Overcome obstacles that prevent you from realizing your deepest desires
  • Gain control over your thoughts—especially the negative ones
  • Identify the origins of your negative thought patterns
  • Discover the whole truth and train yourself to reprogram your inner dialogue
Your Master Plan

Formulate your own success plan and learn:

  • The essential building blocks to any great master plan
  • Why dreaming is great—but simply not enough
  • How to sketch the outline of your personal music master plan, which will guide you throughout the rest of your music studies—and even your life!
More Goals

Continue building on the powerful program you've started.

Support Team
No music student is an island. Your success depends on the active involvement of parents, music teachers, friends, and others in your network. Discover the untapped power of your personal network.
Support Team Introduction

No music student is an island. Your success depends on the active involvement of parents, music teachers, friends, and others in your network.

In this section you will:

  • Discover the untapped power of your personal network
  • Start garnering enthusiasm from the members of your support team
  • Learn how to leverage your relationships to pull you in the direction you want to go
Family Support

In this lecture made especially for parents, learn what it requires of the family for a music student to succeed.

In this lecture you will learn:

  • The surprisingly simple—yet overlooked—things parents can do to ENSURE success in their child's musical pursuits
  • The shocking reasons why many students quit prematurely
  • How the family can communicate consistently and effectively
  • How to set realistic expectations—and keep them
  • Why budgeting is so important, and how to do it
  • Computer
  • Browser
  • Adobe PDF Reader
  • Printer
  • Piano (recommended, but optional)
Mimi West
Mimi West
BM in Vocal Performance, Professional Musician, Music Coach
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